Monday, June 28, 2010



I'm blogging from the office, which is obviously forbidden.
But I've done all the work assigned.
And now chillax-ing, checking emails and doing some online shoppings.
A good employee, aren't I?

Ever since I started working a few days ago (haha),
I've been a bit obsessed with work related stuffs.
Well, with "stuffs" I meant something I can find in shops along Oxford Street or in Westfield.
I've developed the need to shop for office wears lately.
From scarfs to shoes.
From stationeries to watches.
From make up to socks.
Ok, the last one was a lie, I don't wear makeup.
But u get the idea.

However, I've got one bad habit, which I myself detest.
I usually dump all the bags in one corner of the room,
and completely forget all about the "stuffs",
until the time when I'm really in need of them.

My room is a mess now,
I can't even find my pants.

And since debit card is so popular here,
I failed to keep track of my expenditures.

Then one day I was playing with the display iPhone in the Apple store,
while waiting for Man's appointment with the genius bar.
My intention was to look at what sort of Apps do they have in the phones,
and I found a very interesting application called Receipts.

It helps you log all your spending, categorise them, put a little note like I got this for 99% off the retail price and take pictures of the receipt.
Just so you won't have the where-did-my-money-go moment at the end of every month,
or when you check your bank account to find out you're only left with £20 until the next allowance comes in, which is three weeks away.
(Excuse me, I'm not telling based on experience. Hehe *smile sheepishly*)

So I went back, downloaded the free version and I got seriously addicted.
I searched for any receipts,
under the bed, in the pockets, behind the sofa, everywhere.

The application is really helpful.
Unfortunately, the free version only allows you to store up to 10 receipts.
But I've bought the paid version now.
And I tell you I can't stop taking pictures of receipts.
Even when they're not mine.

These are some of the examples of what I've logged in.

You can see the picture of the receipt at the bottom.

And you can have the overall financial report emailed to you as well.

I think the application is meant for businessmen and travellers with the default categories being 'Travel, Dining, Lodging, etc"
But I changed them to "Accessories, Books, Shoes, Bags, etc"

One big downside of this application is,
I feel like collecting receipts all the time,
which basically means,
more and more shopping.

And it's a coincidence that I just received my first paycheck today, yippie!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


I'm officially 22 today =D

And I got this from Italy.

Scary eh??
Not the most romantic birthday gift ever, I couldn't agree more.
But there's a story behind it.

Happy Birthday to me,

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Got It!

I was in the line since eight in the morning.
Even then, it was 400m long.
But I waited patiently.
Had a little chit chat with the guy behind me.
Cracked to some jokes made by the lady in front of me.
Answered the same what-is-the-queue-for question from passers-by.
And read the newspaper.

Then at ten to nine, a guy left the line.
And then people just started to leave, one by one.
The guy behind and I were smiling to each other. Oh so cute! =)
The line was finally moving.
But very slow, like an old heavy turtle.

Came 9.25am, I knew I was not gonna make it.
I had to go to work.
I said goodbye and goodluck to the guy behind, and walked away.
With much despair.

During lunch break, I went to check if things were still the same.
This time the line was really short, so I joined in without thinking twice.
I guess people were getting annoyed waiting for hours and just left for work or a quick meal.

I was five minutes into the line,
when the salesman came out,
and told us they've got nothing left, it's all sold out.
Delivery should be in the next two to three weeks.
Come back then.

But I had the feeling that he had just made a mistake counting the stock.
I didn't budge, while everyone else surround me left.
And guess what! The salesman came to me, smiled and said
"We've got one for you"


And I just couldn't wait to unbox it.
While the boss was away..

I've been too loyal to Blackberry all these while,
so pardon my jakun-ness.
And I'm actually activating the phone while writing this.
I've heard the fuss about the signal interference when you block a certain part of the phone,
but mine has got no problem so far.
Hope it stays the same for the rest of its life.
Be good, Four.

Man's in Italy. Come back quick! Your phone's waiting.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


We went house hunting on Monday.
And boy, it was not an easy process.
Especially when your university is located at the posh side of the city.
Everything is so freaking expensive.

*gahh. my legs look short in the photo*

Basically we've covered the whole west of London, from Hammersmith to Fulham to Kensington.
And all we got were laughs.
The agents laughed at our budget. Haha.
Poor these two girls.
Came asking for a two bed flat, only willing to pay a bedsit.

Well, the thing is,
I'll have so many lectures and a group project next year.
I can't afford to stay so far from school.
But I can't afford to pay £300 per week for a room too.

I guess this is the challenge I have to face for choosing London in the first place.
And, I guess this is the price I have to pay for choosing Imperial.
It's definitely a test I need to brave.

Anyway, while strolling down Baron's Court Road,
we saw this!

Cool eh?

Monday, June 21, 2010


When Qatari royals took over  Harrods from Al-Fayed,
there were rumours flying around the atmosphere about the possibility of them not wanting to do any summer sale or any price cutting in general.
And all our hopes went crashing down the River Thames.

But hey!
A month later,
they announced the sale dates *yippie*
And posters were paraded through London streets, on the red busses.
okay, I've inserted a wee element of exaggeration. Hehe.

So, last saturday was Harrod's first day of the Big Sale.
Honestly, I don't think that's what they call it,
but let's just pretend that it is.
We got up very early, counting down every second to nine a.m.

These were taken at seven in the morning.
Look at the ohhhh-I-can't-wait-I-can't-wait-but-we-gotta-be-cool faces.

We arrived at half to nine, and saw these ladies performing in front of Harrods.
I'm not really sure what the function was,
but they were really amazing!

Remember this post?
I've been wanting to get the MBMJ bag, and that was exactly my aim for the day.
Grab the bag and leave a soon as possible,
because we both had to facilitate Perwakilan's activity at 11am.

And guess what! I got it!!
But I didn't buy Dr. Q Groovee as I found it too big for my liking,
so I went for a smaller one with very similar design you can't even tell the difference,
Baby Groovee satchel.
The names are the same, of course. Haha.

The only problem is..
I got it in green. Yes, green!
There were four colours available, but I thought green was the most unique and vibrant and not everyone will go for it.
I didn't take me long to pay, and we went to Queensway straightaway.

Later that day, I received a very long I-wouldn't-let-my-wife-buy-that-bag lecture by Man and the boys,
on the 'practicality' of the colour.
That it doesn't go with most of my outfits.
And everybody will be looking at you.
And you can get that bag anywhere in Pasar Malam.
And can u refund the bag??

Why am I listening to them again?
I have no idea.
But their words caused a stir in my head.

Now, I need girls' opinion! Please help.

Big Day today,

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Good to Great

Finally, I get to read.
Not a text book, or lecture notes or any technical reports.
thank god.

*I'm wearing Illinois Uni's tshirt, Ainul must be proud, hehe*

the book I'm currently reading is called Good to Great by Jim Collins.
It's on business management, extensively.
Not sure if anybody would be interested in the review,
hence, I'm not gonna write any.

Okay, maybe a little. Hehe.

Most of the companies Jim and his research team analysed are those who started from small to making significant growth in the stock market, and sustain for the next decade.
Some of them that I can remember are Kimberly-Clarks (yes, your toilet paper), 
whom was directly compared to Procter & Gamble,
and Wells Fargo, against Bank of America.

I've always thought Procter & Gamble as one of the most successful companies of all time,
with their product accessible to almost everyone in all corner of the world,
your shampoo, your shower gel, your deodorant,
but apparently they've had their dark days and have learned from it.

Anyway, Jim's team study area is mainly focused on the CEO of these companies.
And one finding that I find really interesting is,
the principle of getting the right people on the bus.
It doesn't matter if he's your uncle or your cousin or even your brother,
but if he isn't doing any good to the team,
get a replacement.

Another one is only do what you can be best at.
When R.J.Reynold bought a shipping container company, Sea-Land
and Aminoil, an oil company,
it didn't turn out so well.
Being world's best at making and selling tobacco, RJR had little knowledge and expertise to ship its own oil.
After losing so much by diverting tobacco's funds to support the sinking ship business,
they finally surrendered and sold Sea-Land.

I'd definitely recommend this book if you're interested in the companies all around you.
You'll be surprised, not all the big names are actually great.
They are some other companies whose market share have risen 18 times the general market in just a few years.

Happy Reading!

A girl with one step away from being great, hehe,

Friday, June 18, 2010


England didn't win *sob*

Day 2 :

I had an interview in the morning.

Since my last interview was three years ago for Imperial College admission,
I was nowhere near ready or prepared.
And it was such a short notice too. Really short.
I got the email on Thursday evening, calling for a meeting on Friday.
How long did I have to convince myself, to gather all the confidence which I've certainly left after the last interview?
sixteen hours.
and that was the shortest sixteen hours of my life.

Anyway, I became so nervous and edgy and defensive during the interview.
I smiled, I did, but with twitching lips.
I talked, with a shaky voice.
I moved, with trembling hands.
And I sometimes chose the wrong words that the interviewers got a bit confused.

The morning disaster didn't just end there, by the way.
On the way back, I got a dog sitting next to me in the tube.
And he did exactly what's written on the tin, lick.
oh great!

So I went to Man's place to change into something more casual.
I've left a few clothes at his place, just in case.
And a toothbrush and deodorant in case I need to go wash up there.
And my blusher, after washing up.
Oh I've got the whole set of my clinique skin care as well.
Of course I'll need those right?
And I've also left a pair of jeans.
And a couple of scarfs.
And a handbag.
A pair of boots.
And a set of telekung.

hurmm... looks like I have the whole house in his house.

someone just got a haricut. He looks funny!

Okay, here's where I break the news.

Peeps, I'm staying in London for summer.
I am not going back to Malaysia =(
I made it through the interview.

So we went to westfield to shop for some formal wears.
I swear I'm shrinking cause size 8 is too big for me now.
Luckily I found a smaller size at Massimo Dutti, and grabbed a few.

To Papa, I'll pass the magazines to Ina.
To Mama, your crystal is coming.. hehe.
To Yan, don't worry I'll pass that thing you ordered to anyone going back.
To the babes, Quya and Nana if you are reading this, I guess I'll see you girls in winter instead?
To my sayangs, Milo Laila Caca Amirah Zayen, I miss u all..!! and have a great summer without me.
To Soraya and Yasirah, Ika and I are staying. Come visit us. hehe.
And to the most wonderful person in the world, Ainul, I'm truly sorry!! I know I promised to come back, but promises are meant to be broken, aren't they? Haha.

I'm starting on Tuesday. cepatnye... haih.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Post Exam

Day 1 :

Let's see..
I did what almost everyone else would do after a long, stressful day.
for fifteen hours, wake up only to eat, drink, pray and pee.

only in my case, it's one whole year.

I'm so proud of myself for getting through the exam period in one piece.
I know a lot of people have done it very well, but I have my own personal reason to be so glad and content that the year is now over.
I played a lot, and studied a little. seriously.

Anyway, as a reward, I got myself a pedicure.
We went to a nail spa near our house run by Thais, which looks all comfy and posh from the outside.
It was a bit frustrating however, as the people are so cold and unfriendly, throwing hostile looks every now and then.
The lady did my feet for 15 minutes, and that was it..!! *feels like punching somebody, anyone?*
Ika opted for a manicure instead.

It was already quite late to go shopping at oxford street, which was the initial plan, so we ended up meeting Apen at Marble Arch and headed to Westfield together. Izu and Ashraf joined us too.

We've reserved tickets for Ashton Kutcher's Killers,
and I swear Kutcher has never looked any hotter than this.
The guys were baffled by our oooohh's and wowww's and aahhhh's.
I guess we managed to annoy them to a great extent.

That's apen, and he makes faces every time!!
I'm gonna be a mean girl and put one up here.
Look everyone!! hehe.

And Ashraf was there to help me on something. We discussed about some matters, and he gave too much info that half of me was already in Lala-land after ten minutes.
Plus, I was fasting and my tummy just couldn't stop grumbling.

o0oohh summer fasting = 18 hours of no food, no drink.

Btw, something really puzzles me lately.
My pants all seem too big on my waist.
I could just sometime slip out with having to un-botton or unzip.
And I look like some hip-hop chic wearing baggy jeans right now.
Did anybody put any magical dust on my pants?
Or is it me shrinking? *wink*

I'm too sleepy now actually,

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hel-lo World.

Finally. An end.
To one year of coursework stress.
Ten months of daily lectures.
One month of intense self motivating.
Three weeks of emotional affairs.

And I'm a free girl..!!
Leaving second year of university with much love.
Sadly though, I won't be seeing some of my close friends next year,
as most of them will be going away for student exchange programme all over the globe.

Oh, guess who's the happiest person in the world today :

Her shopping/gossip partner is back! =)

Anyway, before I can start enjoying the holiday,
I have to make up my mind now on the elective subjects for next year.

We have two slots and too many subjects to choose from.
I'm thinking of taking nuclear
but that'll take up the only two slots I have.
Entrepreneurship sounds interesting too.
Plus, the exam will be in spring. Hence, one less paper in summer.
Oh, I certainly won't go for colloid & interface science.
Had a little taste of that as part of this year's course, and it was mad!!

I'll write more later. Need to catch up on sleep right now.

Hel-lo, WORLD!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Y is the letter

I suddenly remember the 'Induction Week' we had at college.
It was during the first few days of school, and of course everyone were strangers to each other.
As usual, we were divided into small groups.
And these are the people whom you'd have to swear to die with.
Okay, that was an exaggeration.

Anyhow, the one particular group activity I vividly remember is the ice-breaking.
Because that was when I met a new friend.
It was a coincidence that we were put in the same group.

It didn't take long to find out that we share the same birth date.
and same hometown too.
same college house.
and even NAMES.

Well, not exactly the same, but her name is Yasirah.
Both sound very similar that we managed to confuse a whole lot of people.

We used to argue on whose parents copied whose idea in naming their daughters.
I have a married sister name Yazmin, and her youngest is Yasmin.
And she's merely twelve.
Boo! Hehe.

But of course, I'd lose when it comes to our names.

She was born exactly a month before me, May 27th.
And that's the one thing she stands so proud of til today. pfft.
Ah well, I just decided to stay a little longer in my mummy's comfy womb until 27th of June came.

Since both of us live in Shah Alam, it's really fun hanging out together.
In fact, I see her face all the time!
There's no headache thinking of where to go today,
should we drive or take the train,
what time to meet,
do we have enough time to do this and that

Everything is impromptu.
I can even wear my pyjamas to see her.
and we can go to the most boring mall in Shah Alam, and still laugh out so loud.

Anyway, she's here in London for a couple of days.
We're still fighting over the names and birthdate, hehe.

o0ooo, we went to a really good Thai restaurant at Kilburn for lunch.
It's called Spicy Basil.
For £4.80 per plate, I say it's the best for the tummy and also the wallet =)

Gina & Ass (I can't remember who came up with these names)

Another two papers, allez allez!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

library day yay yay

Yesterday was my first attempt to study at the library.
People who know me should understand very well that I never go there.
I prefer studying in my own little humble abode.
Mainly because I get distracted easily.
Ten minutes top, and I would start looking at people.

But it was a gloomy day, and I was home alone.
Grey sky outside, dark room inside.
That's when I decided to join my other classmates in the library.
Some of them even eat, sleep and bathe there I tell you.
I wonder if they ever change pants..

Anyhow, as expected, yesterday's outcome :

I started camwhoring.

After half an hour, I was already sleepy.
And it was getting really noisy I couldn't focus anymore.

Actually.. these pictures are for my mum =)

I know she misses me.
She BBM me every second of the day.
One minute she was typing, and the next she was already asking why didn't I reply.

She just got her blackberry a couple of months ago.
And was so excited to send out emails and try on the messenger function.

A few weeks down the road, I received a text from my sister at 3am
"mama's paranoid, her bill's reaching hundreds. said she wants to sell her bb already"
Being a housewife, her phone bill never go beyond RM30.
Haha, mama.

Anyway, today's paper was quite hard as she changed the format from being an open book exam, to a close book one. But Alhamdulillah, it wasn't that bad =)

No time-waster,

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


iPhone 4 is OUT.

I'm so excited.

I like the multi-tasking feature especially.

Pre-order in the UK starts on the 15th of June, and arrives on the 24th.

Just in time for my birthday, eh?


It's really depressing looking at other people enjoying their summer break while you still have three more papers. Can't wait for next week, and I'll be enjoying my freedom.


Books calling,

Friday, June 4, 2010


I'm not an impulsive buyer like most girls are.

I don't get that jacket because it's cheap or the last one in stock.
I don't use that facial product just because Claudia Schiffer's skin is flawless in the advert.
I don't buy the pants because they look good on the mannequin.
And I definitely don't buy that bag just because it's the IT bag.

I choose what I want.
But once I know, I can go high and low looking for it.
And I just need to have a whole collection of the items.

I get everything that is available in the store.
And still not enough.

Lately, I've developed the love for accessories.
Bangles and bracelets especially.

I just don't understand why guys are having a hard time accepting these lovely babies.

"they're too much"  -  ok maybe because I had six at that time.
"why do you have seashells on your hand??"  -  sea-what!!!
"why do you have to wear that!"  -  why not?
"take those off, they hurt my eyes"  -  well, you just hurt my feeling.

They're not knick knacks on the Christmas tree, my darling friends.
They're meant to make a girl feel more beautiful about herself.
To boost her confidence, if I may add.

So, please don't go criticising a girl friend's accessories.
Or questioning her motive for that matter.
Try to admire what she's got.. hehe.

Anyway, here's half of my haul. In a day. It was about two weeks ago.
Spent almost an hour at Dorothy Perkins :

Let's see what's next in the list..

HA HA. Good to the Night everyone,

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hand in Hand

Pouvez-vous marcher avec moi, aujourd'hui?

source :

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thank You

Look what I found in London.

Pisang Tanduk Goreng! Hot fried pisang tanduk. nnyyuummmmmmmm

Three papers down, another five to go.
Another four weeks to call myself a second year student.
Can't believe how fast time flies.

I sat for one paper this morning, and Alhamdulillah it went well.
I messed up on my favourite topic though. hehe.

It was Mathematics and Statistics.
Statistics has never been my strongest subject, honestly.
It's like learning a whole new language.

Three days ago, I was already on the verge of breaking down, all thanks to the sample variances and hypothesis and sampling distributions and their family members.

See, even the names are not appealing and confusing.
And tell me which dumbhead goes asking about the origin of the formulae.
That would be yours truly. *slap*

So, I went to Eg's house but he wasn't in. I asked Man to teach me instead.
And being impatient he was with all the irrelevant questions and my rate at picking up, I got yelled at.
And laughed at.
And sneered at.
And I could feel hot tears running down the cheeks.
Yes, I did.
It was my first time crying because of an exam. How depressing.
But, boy, he was a good teacher. Phew.

Then, I got really worried about the paper two days ago.
Wanted to call mum but it was 2am in Malaysia.
So I called Man. He was busy writing the final year report, but he was really a sweetheart to listen to me panicking.

Hence, a Thank You note for him =)
Thanks, Man!!

And Thank God for answering my prayers. 
Both for blessing me with wonderful people and helping me with the exam.

On a side note, I might not go back home this summer.
But it's all uncertain yet.
Still deciding and in the process of getting permission and stuff.

Oh, and I found this on the newspaper today :

Hugo Boss sample sale.
Wish I could go, but I really need to study tomorrow.
Whoever is going, get me a pair of jeans please?!

I love my Boss jeans to boot..!!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tik Tok Tik Tok

Exam mode.
Wish me luck!!

I'm actually enjoying writing, but time is against me right now.
I'll be back =) cewah

Exams taking my life away,