Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Stay Tune

Tony Fernandes' Tune Hotel in Westminster.

He's the MAN !!

If only I were given a chance to spend a week, just a week with him and follow him around, it'd be so great. 

He's the Asian version of Richard Branson. The new entrepreneur of the world. Ahhh, that's what I'm doing now, looking up for successful entrepreneurs around the globe for our project. Hehe.

Anyway, I was talking to Ika last night, and we reckon uncle Tony will venture into public transport next. Low-cost taxi in the city? Who doesn't love the idea.

Any bets? Hehe

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Manual : How to Play Football

I've never enjoyed football. Really. Last wednesday, I was dragged by four football fanatics to the beastly warfield of Wembley Stadium and was forced to sit for the longest one hundred minutes of my entire life. I hurt my butt, but it was an experience indeed.

It was the friendly match between England and France. Looking back at history, these people have never liked each other with the Brits secretly wishing the wind to sweep the evils out of the island and bring them south-east as it blows.

Pic credit to Acip
Anyway, I really wanted to blog about the match but it took me almost two hours to write a single sentence. Nothing came out and I just didn't know what and how to explain. Except for the rows of heart-stopping, godlike men in shorts and boots, of course. Other than that, I've always wondered why do guys get glued to the tele on weekends to watch twenty-two men running and chasing after a ball when they're supposed to be watching the likes of Maria Sharapova or Anna Kournikova. Hotness ok. 

Heck, I'll never understand men.

So I cheated and asked a dear friend to write about last week's game for me. And this is what I got:

"Andy Carroll, Kieran Gibbs and Jordan Henderson made their debut for England. I've been most impressed with Henderson's abililty to cover every blade of grass and last night's match was no different. Ben Foster started in goal as Joe Hart was sent back to Manchester City cuz he sustained back injury during training. As someone who has frequently played at centre back for his club, Jagielka was asked to fill in at the right back slot in the absence of Glen Johnson in otherwise a pretty solid young side. 

The game started quite brightly to England as Steven Gerrard fired a shot through a free kick in the first minute which was well saved by the frech goalkeeper, Hugo Lloris. after the shot, however, France took control of the game very quickly, largely inspired by some brilliant moves by Arsenal's Samir Nasri who regularly threatened England's shaky defence. With England's players were chasing shadows, unsurprisingly the first goal arrived in the 15th minutes from Karim Benzema of France after a neat one-two with Florent Malouda. 

I was expecting more from this so-called experimental side of England but the tactics that the Manager (Capello) used was very much similar to that of when he had his full injury-free squad at his disposal. He might have realized Carroll had a physical advantage against France’s centre-backs as England ended up resorting to long-ball tactics, pumping the ball into the box, hoping Carroll to be able to flick on the ball to the running wingers. The first half ended 1-0 to france.

In the second half, England made a few substitutions in order to cut France’s defence open. Not for the first time though England started the game well. This time, it was Micah Richards who made a powerful run down the right but the move was well-stopped by French’s left back, Eric Abidal. The only caution of the game came in the 49th minute when Henderson made a reckless challenge on Nasri, leaving the referee with no choice but to show the yellow card. The next move in the 57th min proved to be decisive for the away team as Valbuena connected well from a cross by the handsome Bakary Sagna who made a comfortable run down the right wing. England finally realized they were supposed to be playing football. 

A glorious chance came from Gerrard when he hit the  ball wide as a result of good piece of football by Adam Johnson. He blew it though. An injured Gerrard was substituted by Peter Crouch who then managed to make an immediate impact to his team as he volleyed the ball straight to the net from a corner in the 85th minute.

With 5minutes to the final whistle, France intelligently adopted time-wasting tactics by making late substitutions , and keeping the ball to the each corner of the field. Very Henry-esque. Final score, England 1 – France 2.

Fun Fact: that was england’s first ever defeat at new wembley" - MME

Pic credit to Acip
I had to re-read five times (very slowly) to actually understand what he's talking about. Then I realised, hey I was at the stadium the whole time but I didn't see any yellow card being pulled out?

I guess my mind was somewhere else.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Eid Mubarak

I just realised I didn't celebrate Eid at all.
Because unfortunately, Eid fell on a Tuesday.
The day I have eight packed hours of lectures.

T_T   *sob sob*

How I wish we have public holiday here.
Oh talking about that, I'd like to announce that I'll be going back to Malaysia in december. Hehe.
I know, I know I just came back less than two months ago.
But haihh.....
If only I were given a choice, I'd rather stay and enjoy winter in London.

See you all gorgeous in malaysia!!

Oh right, Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha too.

Friday, November 19, 2010

A Weekend Away

It was unplanned
We talked about the trip on wednesday.
Bought the tickets the next day.
And left on friday.

But we knew we just had to go somewhere.
Before studies starts overloading.
And coursework starts swamping.
And exam starts haunting.

Well, life has no wherefore I'd like to believe.

So I packed my bags after class,
Took the underground train to Euston,
Went to collect the tickets,
Waited for Apen, and off we went.
All the way up to Manchester.

She was the tour guide. A FIERCE one. haha.
I daresay, I fell in love instantly with the city.
It resembles London so much, the vibe, the energy, everything.
Minus the morning overcrowded tube.
They even have Piccadilly and Victoria, see?!!
We spent the weekend "chillax-ing" and having some good times.
I'm not sure how prevalent the term is, but we like to use it.

In front of Old Trafford
Anyway, my darling Yasirah repeated the same song,
throughout the whole stay.
Five times and again.
Ten times and again.
Twenty times and again.
Gradually, the lyrics took its spot in my head.
Total Eclipse of the Broken Heart.
The Westlife version please, ladies and gentlemen =)

And I got this as a souvenir. Ain't it just adorable?

Toodles ~

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Our Little Project

It was Laila's birthday last sunday. Since I already had plan to go somewhere else that weekend, I felt so bad for not being near to celebrate her birthday. So, we came up with an idea of a short video.

On the eve, the three of us were busy looking at photos from out Italy trip back in 2008 while catching up and gossiping and laughing and talking about the birthday girl over skype. We went looking for something embarrassing, but not blatantly humiliating. And found a few, phewww..

Anyway, we decided to get people from all over the world to contribute to our little project. People from the UK, America, Australia and Malaysia. We thought of getting more, but time was against us.
And thank god, these people are awesome and cool ! Everybody did as told, and did excellently. We stayed up till morning trying to put the pieces together, talking and laughing all at the same time.

The whole night was great indeed cause I missed the girls so much.


Je veux presenter notre collage..

est c'est notre montage.

I can only provide the link =) the file is too big. took me an hour to upload on facebook, and the slow internet connection that night got my heart thumping 1000 miles per hour because it was almost midnight.

Happy Birthday, Dear!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

An Early Morning Post

We went up to east midland over the weekend. Yeayyayayayy!!

Anyway come november every year, there is only one place where you can find more Malaysians than the whole four years at school combined. Nottingham Games.

And being me, I didn't participate in any of the sports. Hehe. I was more interested to meet friends while cheering for random basketball teams. I wonder why hot attractive guys always end up in these teams hmm.

Anyway, among the thousands of pictures taken, I love this one particularly and you sure can see why. It's such an amazing shot by Acip using his ultra bulky and super expensive camera with somewhat obscene protruding lens. (maybe just my early morning imagination). Haha.

Met Laila after the game who cooked nasi briyani for us. Just that afternoon I was craving for nasi after one week living on sandwiches and fried chicken. God save Laila. Gosh I miss her already! =(

Again, this is an early morning post, sorry for the lack of words.

Wake up sunshines!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The First Puff

I had a try at shisha two weekends ago. And in between my first touch on the long slender pipe and my first ever puff which coyly came out thinner than the air, I quietly told the glass instrument that was standing bumptiously before me,"I don't like you".

My running into a group of friends talking about their night out almost six years ago was the first encounter between me and the S word. I was a naive little girl who was still wondering how to pad her bra when they have already made shisha sound like the new IN thing. And believe me, they instantly got my undivided attention at strawberry flavour. Then the apple flavour came up, then vanilla and grape and orange. Immediately, I put away the padding that was in my hand and started barfing questions, one after another. It did sound interesting indeed; like ice-cream topped banana fritter, or sugus that melts in the mouth, or the f&n drinks in the canteen fridge. But then they started filling me in on water vapour, pipe, and smoke. Well, unsurprisingly, the last word put me off and I left, never bother to return.

The second time I heard the word, it was pretty serious. It was a good friend of mine. A sweet lovely adorable girl stuck with a wrong company who introduced her to this unpleasant business. They were out one night, her stressing out with parents and studies, him enjoying the little play as she got high on their fourth round of shisha and other stuff. I guess I better not share the rest of the story but the moment she told me her experience, I swore I would keep myself away from it.

The third time was not less serious that the previous one. I used to have a crush on this one charming attractive lad who holds your hand while driving, opens the door in front of the gate and sends you in with an umbrella when it rains. Those sent me straight to cloud nine, floating and waiting for the rainbow to come out. Then one day, I got a call from him at midnight and he didn't sound so good. He was effortlessly mumbling about shisha, traffic, police and some other really bad stuff. Really bad. And yes, he didn't sound sober either. I figured out myself what happened that night and it broke my heart. We said goodbye and never saw each other again.

So, as I passed the pipe that has been lingering in my hand to a girlfriend across the table, I couldn't stop but to think, "I don't like you".

*as publicly known, shisha is far less dangerous than cigarette. nowhere close actually, except for the mechanism. That was my first, and definitely the last for me.