Sunday, May 30, 2010


I don't really like posting videos on my blog, but there's an exception for this one..!!
I'm sure many of you have watched it, but for those who haven't, please do so.

Jeff Dunham is a very talented ventriloquist and stand-up comedian.
I bet my arms you would laugh from the beginning til the end.
There's another video of him which I like so much, Melvin the Superhero.

It's been our source of entertainment lately, with me and my friends going 
"I kill you!!" if we don't agree with each other.
"Stoooppppp touching me..." "I kill you" if we want to annoy people.
It's really fun!!

p/s : You might want to stop here. All of the below is my opinion solely. I beg your pardon if anybody gets hurt by the words of choice. I'm not try to preach, nor am I trying to provoke. 
And, don't tell me I didn't warn =)

Anyway, on a more serious note, my point of putting this up, besides sharing, is to ask if anybody feels uncomfortable watching the video..
I couldn't help but to wonder if there's any Muslim brothers and sisters out there who feel insulted by them associating us with terrorism and violence and of the sort.
Not all of us approve of bombing, massacre and genocide of course.
Those are only the minority.

I know I got a bit pissed off when my lecturer played Lockheed Martin's Second to None video and told the class not to be offended by what you see.
Then, he shot a look at me. And I could feel another 100 heads turning too.
Maybe because I was the only one in the lecture theatre wearing hijab.

By the way, Lockheed Martin is an advanced technology company whose biggest client is The U.S Defense. They provide jet fighters etc.
More or less like Stark Industries in Iron Man. hehe

Anyway, I also know some who feel ashamed to belong to our society, my society. Sad, I say they should be ashamed of themselves to ever be born into the world. Cowards them people who don't stand up for the things they believe.

Well, it's the world now.
Talk about the blacks, you call it racism.
Draw and talk about prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, it's the speech and press freedom.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


With all the Ipad hype around the world,
we decided to test it yesterday.
It was launched in the UK on 28th of May 2010.
It was evening, so the line was not that long.
In fact, we didn't queue at all because we didn't see it. Lol.

Look at the droopy eyes and eye bags, I was exhausted and sleep deprived.
But that's not the point.

In my honest opinion, Apple has incorporated very minimal advanced technology in this new little tablet pc.
It's thin and light with good speaker, yes.
Suitable for reading in the tube, or travel, yes.
But it's lacking of multi-tasking. 
Just like iphone, you have to exit one application before opening another.
No camera in front or at the back. 
Means no skype-ing!

If u're looking for a giant iTouch, then by all means get this.

It's great, but I definitely won't buy the first generation.
I tried reading a book, but after awhile my eyes just got dry.
Maybe it was the contact lens.
Maybe not.

The keyboard is huge but very sensitive. You have to be really precise.
I had to try five times (using all 10 fingers) before getting correct.
Or else it'd go
Alternatively, just use two fingers and u'll be an Ipad pro in no time.

However, someone likes it so much and even considered buying it.. *guys*
But I managed to talk him out of it. *phew*

How about checking in a hotel room and finding an Ipad lying on the bed?
With all your personal information in it.
And personal message form the concierge.

Try Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge or InterContinental London Park Lane.

Signing off. Good Morning London!

Friday, May 28, 2010



I just realised I've been to quite a few sample/clearance sales in the last one month.

Let's see...

First, it was the Armani sale exactly a month ago at High Street Kensington.

I received the email just the night before the sale. And it was stated in the invitation that the sale will start at 12pm. I wasn't too eager or excited to go, because I still had lectures and coursework deadline the following week but Man dragged me there. Since it's just 5 minutes away from school, why not.

Anyhow we planned to go there early to find the place and then grab some breakfast. Well, the story begins when we got there at 11am, and to our surprise the sale has already started.

My empty stomach was crying for food, but I was already an hour later for the sale! It's just unacceptable. So, I listened to my heart..... and we went straight into the building where the sale was held. *slap*

I saw a few handbags upon entering the room, but hands were all over them. Soon there's no more left. Frustrated, I went to see the shoes. Then accessories. Jacket. Dresses. Shoes again. and guess what?!!

There was a bag on the table!! Alone. Just one. And if you think Flash Man is fast enough, I think my hand was faster grabbing the bag. But then I saw another woman's hand on it. At that moment, I remembered Rebecca Bloomwood.

Pulled the bag hard.. and SCORED!!
Boooo!! The bag is mine.
I didn't take any second look at it and immediately went to the cashier to pay.

Once home, I found out that the interior is pig skin lined... *sob sob* and the jeans I bought have broken zip pull..

£&%^(&*^@£$% !!!!

I didn't stop there though.

Then, the Valentino private sale I went with Ika. She blogged about it here.

I am never a Valentino fan because I think the designs look a bit too old for me.

Never mind the expression, I was trying to remember where did I see this brand in Malaysia.

Aaahh.... SOGO!! But those are rather cheap. why are these soo effingly expensive...??
Later I found out from my sister that there are a lot of Valentinos in this industry, and some lines are in the higher-end while the others are more affordable. Because she once bought a Valentino bag for my mum which only costs around RM150. Hmm, it's a common surname in Italy, I guess?
Or, was my sister just trying to pull my legs?
Either way, I don't think I wanna know..

Next, there was Paul Smith.

This one, I found out on the day itself and within 40 minutes, I was already there. The ladies corner was only 20% of the whole room.

It was quite disappointing but I went back with the best piece of clothing I've ever owned. It's a polka dot shirt which stays perfectly on my body, like it's tailor-made for me. Even better, it's of Paul Smith Black range which normally costs around £150.

The fourth would be La Perla. I've had my experience written down, and it was funn!!

And the last one is REISS sample sale.

It was the one we've been waiting for so long... We had sleepless nights because of this. I wrote about this on Ika's blog. Haha. This is not the first time I hi-jack her blog, by the way.

while waiting for Ika to pay

All in all, which girl can say no to shopping?
We even have own own terms, such as "retail therapy" which I believe isn't in any doctor or psychiatrist's dictionary.

And come to think about it, I won't get this opportunity in Malaysia. ok, maybe rarely. but I get this a lot here, why not take the chance..? This will be one of the many things I'll reminisce later.

The girl who did damage to her bank account,

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Ohhhh these are the pictures from the photoshoot I wrote about before.
It was at Studio London, Soho.

The photographer claimed that she does Vogue magazine covers and also some other top fashion magazines.
The make up artists are all professional.
And the studio was marvellous.

We had 50 shots each, and among all, we came down to buying only two.

Anyway, the very thick layer of make up left us looking like an opera duo. Boo..

That's me and Shakir, by the way, probably one person with the longest friendship I've ever had with. 15 years, correct?

There's actually another girl whom I met 16 years ago. We went to the same kindergarten, but then grew apart as she moved to another area and we enrolled into different primary schools. After 12 years of no communication whatsoever, we were somehow reunited at college =)

Little did we know, our mothers are friends and they do contact each other once in awhile.

I took her photo off Facebook. This was during our college reunion some time ago.

Yes, Wan Amni or Pam as she's normally known as.

My mum told me how I used to go to her house for sleepover when we were little and celebrate birthdays together. She was so cute back then, my mum said she made me cards and bought me present for my birthday. But sadly, I don't remember anything at all..!! I don't even remember that we were the best of friends..!

Now back on track. Ahhh yes, 10 hours of waiting at the studio made him a little cuckoo

I was still able to behave, luckily.

I can't believe we spent 100 bucks on those photos..

But I don't entirely regret it because at least I got to try something new. It was in London and it was great working with professional people.

It's a lesson to learn, still.

The girl who did damage to her bank account,

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Inner Beauty

I was in the middle of groceries shopping when my BB beeped. It was an email from FC. More of a reminder email.

Half an hour later, I found myself among these

and these.

If you recognize what's in the pictures, congratulations!
If you don't, please be a dear and get yourself one mcD's happy meal =)

Anyway, there are a number of companies out there selling luxurious and fashionable lingerie at ridiculously high price, and one of them is La Perla, an Italian brand. I've heard of the name before but it has never crossed my mind to step into any of their stores or the one I often pass by in Slone Street. Mainly because I find the products too fancy for my liking.

But when the email came in, I hurriedly took everything out of the blue tesco basket, put them back on the shelf and left calmly (ok what a lie.. my heart was thumping like Bugatti's 20000cc car engine).

Anyway, they were having clearance sale!! You heard me? C.L.E.A.R.A.N.C.eee

and the good news is, there's a direct bus that goes from my place to Newman St, where the sale was held.

I thought "Oh well, it's just 20 minutes away, and I can always read my notes on the bus. Go there, look around for half an hour and leave. Sounds like a perfect plan" =)

A minute later, I was already tapping my oyster card. and HELLLOOWW MR. DRIVER!! pleaseeee use your SatNav-ed mind, avoid traffic and go as fast as you can *wink,wink*

The bus ride felt like hours. But thank god, I arrived just before lunchtime. Which means the place wouldn't be too crowded.

There I was, at the front door. YAYAYAYAY!!

I walked in. Smiled at the receptionist, who asked me write my name down in a log book to register me for their newsletter, which I believe will go to someone else's inbox because I put some random email address. Then I strolled through the hallway and into the room. Walla weii..

It was full with bras, briefs, underwear, hosiery, nightgowns, beach tops etc etc.. Just like Hamleys' toys. Or Godiva's chocolate. Or.. hurm I don't know what else. The point is, they're everywhere!

I ended up browsing through their collections for a good 2 hours, Ha Ha!!

To my disappointment, they didn't reduce the price that much. They're still a bit overpriced, and most of them are big sizes. But I was already there, why not grab something? *blush*

Now I really need to burn the midnight oil for an extra two hours. Zzzz.....

Agent Provocoteur next, maybe ladies?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Waka Waka

I've been having this one particular song stuck in my head since day one I listened to it. I would come back from school, play the song before I put the bag down, replay it while taking off the shoes, replay again after successfully taking out the huge file out of the school bag, replay and repeat and replay and.. replay.

That's life now.

Anyway, the song is called "Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)" sung by the most gorgeous, hottest lady walking on this earth right now, Shakira. Her body is to-die-for!

Did you watch her video Hips Don't Lie? How can a woman has a perfect curvy body like that?? and she can shake her hips like it's not attached to her body. Sigh. I really wanna know her secret...

Anyway, I was really curious to know what the word means, because it sounds something in between you cursing a taxi driver who brings you to the same spot you were 10 minutes ago, and a compliment like "good good". So I asked a friend. And this is her answer.. helpful? I don't know.

By looking at the song title, I'm sure by now you could've guessed that it's the official 2010 FIFA World Cup song. It was chosen over another comparably good song, Wavi' Flag by K'naan.

I have nothing against K'naan, the song is great and all, but I personally think it's better reserved for some international, bigger event or game like the Olympics. or Commonwealth. For the message it brings, and the song beat. Shakira's is more suitable for the 22 tiny guys chasing over one super big object in the middle of the field. Hm?

Although there was commotion in the UK a few weeks ago about the odd of a Columbian singing an African song, I guess she's just proved them all wrong. I actually have no idea if she's pronounced the words correctly or not, but she sings it beautifully.

Apart from the first line which reads "you're a good soldier", which is kinda inappropriate with all the fights in Palestine and Thailand, the song is addictive!! Well, both songs are!

Here's the comparison between the two. There's an english version of waka waka if anyone gets headache listening to this one, hehe. And also you can find the full songs on YouTube.

With the season approaching really fast, in less than a month, I could already feel the heat in Acton last week, when these boys went all the way to Wembley to get England jerseys. That, after 'accidentally' missed Jumuah prayer because of a nearby crime scene and roadblocks.

I feel wrong stealing Zul's photo, hence I'm gonna print screen his edited picture.

Oh, the jerseys are now £25 each. It was £49 before.

Till then,

Carboot Sale

My family used to stay in Swansea when I was little.

Sadly but true, I vaguely remember anything, apart from our school days, neighbours and the ride up and down the hill in my dad's mini car. I don't know what's the car called or the manufacturer, but he loved it too much that we all have to love it too, for the sake of not getting left at Staples or Sainsbury's. Ahh, good old days.

Anyway, one thing that has always been among my Swansea memories is the carboot sale we went in Cardiff. I soon learned that it's already a British culture to have carboot sales. I love it.

That was my first, and I was filled with joy looking at the toys and crayons and books. My mum was all over the crystal vases and plates. My dad, with his comics. And this time, my parents would let me have anything I wanted, because everything was so dirt cheap. As if I knew about the value of money back then.

I've never had the chance to go to any carboot sale since I came in 2008.

Until last weekend.

We were out for lunch, and on the way back home I jokingly suggested that we go to a carboot sale. I was referring to the one in Nottingham, as I suddenly remembered Laila telling me about it. And at that moment, I didn't put too much hope to find any in London. Turned out, there is one!! I was thrilled because it's only a few miles away, in Battersea. And off we went!

The weather, however, was not on our side that Sunday. It started to rain as soon as we arrived. Man grabbed a couple of CDs and we left.

But! The story didn't just end there!

Yesterday, we went again!! Oh, and we brought the whole troop too, the Bromyard Avenue boys.

It was one sunny, freakingly hot and dry day where all the Mat Sallehs were half naked. A feast to the boys eh? at 31 degree celcius, even I felt like tearing up my clothes, but thank god, I still have my brain.

These boys were burning in the backseat, I tell ya, but still able to pose for the camera.. They like it hot and sweaty. haha.

We went crazy looking for bargains and good deals. One lady wanted to sell me a Benefit Benetint blush for 20p. I've already owned a bottle at home, but for 20p, I say it's a real steal. It retails at £16, by the way. You agree with me now?

Then, to the park for lunch. A bucket of KFC fried chicken, a bottle of orang Tango drink and a shady spot under the tree, it was just the day out I've been looking for.

That's zul taking picture of me taking his picture. He wanted to try his new polarizer lens, or at least that's what I think it is, which brought us to the Battersea park lake. It was a disappointment! Pity him.

And the catch of the day


A pair of high heel oxford shoes by KG. I'm one happy, blissful girl.

I'm off now. Study time. 3 posts in 3 days, not so bad for myself.
Pat me in the back, hurry =D

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sweet Candies

Look who's up at 5.30 in the morning!

I totally forgot about the mirrored image when taking photos using the computer's camera, and made no effort to redo it. Hehe. Plain lazy bum bum in the house.

So, I was having cereal while doing my ritual morning readings, which consist of the blogs I frequently visit, online shopping sites, Facebook, random blogs, Twitter, more random blogs, and the favourite of all, . Anyway, I was clicking here and there, skimming through the articles when I saw this :

And I wonder, really? I'm not a bag lady myself, as I only own a small collection of arm candies, but I've always liked to imagine myself prancing about the shopping malls with a Double C's shopping tote on the shoulder, or one of Prada, and ultimately the H Birkin bag. Ohhh..

Anyway, women can turn into little kids with toys and candies when it comes to bags. We've bought so many, yet we're wanting more, and by the end of the day we'll find most of them resting peacefully in the toy box, or the closet in our case. We only use one or two over and over again.

I remember Man asking if I'd buy a speaker set worth £300, and unless I don't look woman enough to him, it was a definite NO. I was dumbfounded when he bought the speaker and a monitor that worth the same as my Gucci. +fainted+

Hmm. I'm thinking of getting a MBMJ Dr Q Groovee soon, because I like the fact that it comes with a long strap for easy access to the junks in the bag. A hand held is never my cup of tea.

Or maybe I should get the Louis Vuitton Neverfull. I used to loathe the bag because the canvas just doesn't feel right to me, but when my sister got hers, it made me rethink. However, as for now, I need to focus on exams first, I'll go bag hunting right after that! Promise! Haha.

Btw! If you have excess money in the pocket, get this; A Judith Leiber crystal-embellished clutch retailing at £2995. Pic courtesy of Net-a-Porter

A victim.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hello Mellow


*I'm gonna pretend like I've been updating the blog everyday for the one year?*

I always feel like writing whenever I'm supposed to be studying for exams which start next week. Slap me! I started this blog right before I left for London, and there was a brief hiatus, then I resumed writing in the middle of the exam period last year. Not that anybody reads this blog, anyway.

Now, to explain my 9-month disappearance, I leave you with the photos taken throughout the whole period. Simply because : it's IMPOSSIBLE to write everything. And it's soo much easier organizing with iphoto +wink,wink+

This was taken at the airport. There was no emotion whatsoever as I knew I was coming back for my sister's wedding. Yes! She's married now, the one in the picture. However, I can't seem to find any photos from her wedding day. Will dig hard later to look for them.

My first steak in London!! and it was the BOMB! The place is called Sahara Grill, but I don't remember the area as we went there by car, and of course I was busy playing games at the back. Hehe. Thanks Hamid for bringing us there.

Then, I had my first photoshoot ever!! I don't really fancy posing and stuff, but when Shakir said it was free, I immediately blurted YES within one moment. Actually he didn't have to finish the rest of the sentence. Stupid, little did I know that the was a catch. Of course! There's no such thing as free lunch, yes? We had the photos in hard copy, hence no picture to show today. +sob,sob+ I spent a lot of $$ and I don't even like the them.

That's me while waiting for our turn. We had hot chocolate at Cafe Nero and it's really rich and creamy!! I love the chocolate!! Go and try it. I demand.

Next, it was Amsterdam!
To be honest, Red Light District disappoint us.
And Keukenhoff, as it wasn't time for the flowers to show their beauty yet, sadly.

And this is the place where we got our Cannabis Lollipops and "supplies" haha! Nothing so bad or naughty=D

It was the general election day in the UK on the 6th of May. We, as proud resident of Westminster, went out to do our duty. VOTE! oh, the present government is a coalition between the Conservative and Liberal Democrat and we were Prime Minister-less for 4days, if I'm not mistaken, before they came into agreement.

Finally, the lastest would be this heavenly superly delicious cake : Hummingbird's Red Velvet.

I'm singing off. I've made a promise to myself to update more regularly. Regularly might not be the correct word at the moment, but what the heck. I'll update!