Thursday, December 30, 2010

Off we go again

Off to Morocco.

and Happy New Year to all of you :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


It's not cool ok, to arrive at heathrow very early in the morning. The place was like a dead airport. The people at immigration border didn't bother to smile at all. I almost succumbed to the myopic temptation of just yelling at them to wake up! Hehe. Even the tube was not operating yet.

But the best thing about studying abroad and living in a big city is, you have to learn to be independent. Or you'll be left behind.

So, I called up for minicab service and waited for the driver to come. Luckily I had him to update me on things that have been going on in the uk for the past few weeks. It was ironically quite warm when I arrived, unexpectedly of course after the world-shattering news of blizzard and flight interruptions just the week before. But apparently it rained heavily last night, sweeping all the snow off the ground.

I reached home and found this GIRL in my house!!

I was soo excited to go out with her! I unpacked as quickly as possible, and  found myself strolling along Old Bond Street within hours, and then Oxford Street, then Bayswater. 

Ohh I downloaded a very cool application called Instagram on iPhone and we didn't waste any time. Immediately, our journey of cam-whoring began... haha!

and I'm still too tired now.

Good Night!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I received the sweetest message before I left home. It reads :

"Malaysia is raining, they know you're leaving :( "


Monday, December 27, 2010


Post OBS :


AND Food

All in a day. I daresay, after OBS, my appreciation for food has rocketed up very high. I've gained four kg in a week, and that is a magic only your home country can do.

As most of you know, my two-week break in Malaysia is over, and I'll be leaving tomorrow night. It's such a short one this time, but I'm so glad I used every minute of it wisely, pleasantly and cheerfully. To the charming young man whom I spent most of the time binge-eating with : you've been wonderful and thanks for listening to my crappy stories, hehe. To the friends whom I didn't get the chance to meet because of the never ending last minute plan cancellations : I'll see you girls next time k? Don't worry, I still love you all *hugs*

Anyway, I guess it's true when they say no matter how far you go, home is where the heart belongs to. I'll never have enough of the food, the people and the heat. But deep down, I also love London :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

OB Spirit II

Once we reached the campsite, we quickly unloaded all our stuff from the whaler, and set up our tents. 

Well, as you all can imagine, we were't provided with the comfort of normal tents with zip up door and 360 degree cover. Ours were really simple. step one, tie a rope between two trees. step two, hang several tentsheets next to each other. step 3, peg the sheets. and four, done!! as long as we had something to cover our head from rain and animal, that'd do for the night.

*I'm still waiting for pictures from Faizal who was the only one thoughtful enough to bring camera for camping. Will put some up once I get them :)

We went back to Lumut the next day on the same whaler.

Tired. Exhausted.
That afternoon, we were given some time to try the kayak. We were showed how to rescue friends on capsized kayak and also how to turn it over so that the friends can continue their journey. It was really fun. Rafting up a few kayaks together, removing the water and helping your friends back onto the boat. But it wasn't an easy job, I tell you. Then we were all forced to 'purposely' capsize our kayaks, to give a little taste of the seawater. Haha. Also, not to let us panic on the real day itself.

Day five, it was kayak day!! 

We were all excited that we got ready quite early and left at quarter to nine. I thought we'd have a great time kayaking from Lumut to Pangkor Island (we went around the Island before settling on a beach), until after an hour or so when it just lost its jenesaisquoi, I changed my mind. And, knowing that we'd need to row for the next nine hours, it was disturbing and mind-challenging.

What's worse, we were going against the current!! and it was sunny that morning. The rest of the day was just rowing, rowing, rest, rowing, rest, rowing, rest, rest, rest, felt like dying. But in outbound dictionary, there is no such word as give up. Unless you finish what you started, you're going to be left in the middle of the sea alone. No matter how slow you go, you just have to finish it. They told us, one group arrived at the beach at ten at night a couple of years ago and they had to use torch light. I can't imagine that! With the rough sea condition, and high waves, the last thing you'd want to do is to kayak in the dark.

Fake smile.
Pics credit to En. Syafri
My kayak partner and I were really slow at first, we were even behind the sweepers. For six hours, we were swearing and cursing the kayak. I think it's the kayak why we're going so slow. It's so heavy we have to row so hard to move a little. Look at everyone, they're so fast and they don't seem to be rowing with much effort. We should've taken another kayak laaaa.. But somehow, after lunch, we just got the rhythm correct and managed to go quite fast. At times, we were even ahead of the navigator (the foremost position in the formation). Ha Ha.

We reached the beach at seven, and started delegating tasks as soon as possible. The night was the same as the previous one, except for the two-hour nag about the food. And my group sat by the bonfire that night, and had some bonding session. hehe.

The next morning, we kayaked back to Lumut. And that was the end of our expeditions :)

pic credit to Fida

Thursday, December 23, 2010

OB Spirit

Remember the camp I mentioned so many times in previous posts, the one I wished not to go to, the one I loathed even before knowing what it actually was and the one I hoped was cancelled due to many outrageous reasons?

Well, I'm done with it.
It was so tiring and we were restless most of the time.
We had two rounds of expeditions, camped by the beach in between them, which makes the sea our new home for more than four days.

What surprised me the most was that : I find the whole thing fun and awesome!!

I was in Lumut for a week, stuck with another eleven amazing persons in my group, handphone-less, ipod-less, perfume-less and internet-less. We weren't allowed any food too, any kind of food, which I find quite ridiculous. Once, the instructors caught a small group of mischievous students having cereal bars, and we were punished with a two-hour nag and lecture.

On the first day, all fifty something of us were divided into four watches. My watch consists of twelve young and energetic (haha) students, and these were the people I had breakfast lunch dinner and supper with, whom I stole sunblock and insect repellent from, and also whom I shared the damp stuffy tent with.

They're all studying in Australia. Except for me, the sesat one.

With En Syafri, the instructor
On the second day, we learned how to operate the whaler. We were taught how to row, raise the sails (mainsail was the hardest and tedious) and also to control the marine radar for direction. It was all basic which lasted for about an hour.

The next day, I vomited. Twice. I never thought the effect of the rapid temperature change, from winter and snowing in London to the direct sunlight and dehydrating heat reflected by the seawater can be so significant and do harm to my system. My body was weak and my head was really heavy. 

But hey! I didn't sign up to miss all the fun of rowing and shouting and eating lunch in the rain just because I threw up my breakfast. So I followed them on the boat, despite the constant uncomfortable stomach. At first I only had the energy to do the easiest job, controlling the radar (it's quite tricky ok). But after awhile, the rowers got tired and started to look like dead people, and there wasn't anyone available for substitue. So I took over the oar and rowed, and rowed, and rowed. 

In white hat, giving support to the rowers while handling the radar.
Spot me!! :)
It was raining heavily, so we took shelter under the tentsheet.
We reached the campsite at about five in the afternoon, after almost nine hours of rowing. Oh! Did I tell you, the sea was our toilet? It was also our rinsing water. Our play water. Very unhygienic, but we weren't taught how to complain. We didn't want to, either.

It was raining when we arrived, everything was unpleasant. It made our jobs ten times harder, especially lighting up the fire as the firewood was wet. Pegging the tents wasn't easy, too, as the soil was rather soft. Cooking? Haha, we had food in tins. Sardine and chicken curry. We also survived on sugar crackers, sad kan?

Anyway, I shall continue writing about the adventure in the next post as it's getting quite lengthy now.

*pics credit to En. Syafri

Outward Bound Malaysia Lumut (OBML)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


OK - I wanna show our design drawing!! The project I was talking about.

Well, it wasn't me who drew. In fact, I didn't help at all.
Because I was responsible of calculating the dimensions and before finalising, I did a little sketch to show everyone how it should be. I thought it looked fine, I swear I did, but in the end, I had to agree with them that my drawing suck. Hehe.

Anyway, here it it.

Doesn't it look like an alien space shuttle?
It's a carbon dioxide purifier.

Just something random,

Monday, December 20, 2010

If I have a daughter

If I have a daughter, I'd make her watch Erin Brockovich
A strong forceful woman, an idol.
If I have a daughter, I'd make her read Why Men Love Bitches.
A useful compilation of controversial advices and tips.
And if I have a daughter, I'd make her listen to Gloria Gaynor.
A good song about false hope and rising from pitfalls.

"At first I was afraid
I was petrified
I kept thinking that I could never live without you by my side,
But then I spent so many nights,
Just thinking how you did me wrong,
And I grew strong,
And I learnt how to get along.

And so you're back from outer space,
I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face,
I should have changed that stupid lock,
I should have made you leave your key,
If I'd known for just one second,
you'd be back to bother me.

Go on now go, walk out the door,
Just turn around now cause you're not welcome anymore,
Weren't you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye,
Did you think I'd crumble,
Did you think I'd lay down and die.

Oh no, not I
I will survive,
As long as I know how to love,
I know I'll stay alive,
I've got all my life to live,
And I've got all my love to give,
And I'll survive.

It took all the strength I had not to fall apart,
And trying hard to mend the pieces of my broken heart,
And I spent oh so many nights,
Just feeling sorry for myself,
I used to cry, but now I hold my head up high.

You'll see me, as somebody new,
I'm not that chained up little person who's still in love with you,
And so you felt like dropping in and just expect me to be free,
But now I'm saving all my loving,
For someone who's loving me."

Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday. Tuesday. W. T. F. Saturday. Sunday

I sat next to a lovely British couple on the flight home. And after just ten minutes, we started talking about their hometown, my studies, our holiday destinations and everything that pops into our minds. 

Soon, I learnt that the old man was in the army across Malaya, circa 1950's. And, lo and behold, he was in the British regime when Tanah Melayu gained its independence in 1957. He was there at the ceremony, he witnessed the whole Merdeka scene, and claimed it was FANTABULOUS.

I asked if he knows any Malay word,
"They taught him naughty stuff", the lady interrupted.
"Oh, what kind of naughty stuff?"

"Adakah awak cinta saya?" hahahhaha and we both burst into a big laugh, welcoming stares from people around us, with the lady's face as blank as an empty notepad.
"You have to translate that for me!!"

They make me wanna grow old in the uk.. very sweet it somehow touched me.

On my other side was a Hong Kong girl, very sweet and soft-spoken, who's doing her A level in Surrey. She's taking the same subject as I did four years ago, but is unsure of which university to choose for her undergraduate study. I somehow gave her the wrong impression that IC is overrated, HA HA. Ah well..

I'M HOME!!!!! =D

But I'll be leaving for the camp tomorrow morning. daayymnn, and I just realised it's Monday!!

Again, I was touched when these people woke up at five in the morning, got me from my house, pulled my two bags all the way to the airport. We took the morning tube.

There's no better company at eight am, laughs and more laughs, with intermitten yawns, while waiting for the plane which I wished not to board.

Upon arrival at KLIA, we found out that the train service connecting the satellite terminal and the main building is suspended. How did we travel then??


This is Malaysia. My beloved country.

Friday, December 10, 2010


"Trust is a luxury I can't afford anymore"

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WHINES.... and you don't wanna read.

Life has been pretty sh*tty lately. Very hectic and I'm so messy and shabby you wouldn't wanna walk next to me. Doesn't it look like my shower has been dry for a month? Big puffy eyes some more... haishh..

10pm @ Library.
My days have been so packed I don't even have time for myself anymore. I'm sorry if I sound so whiny. So stress, man..!! There's just so many things to settle before the weekend.

I'm going back on Sunday and my passport is still at the Moroccan consulate!! How can I not be worried. I'm not even sure if my application has been approved or not, and the only time for collection is between 1.30pm and 2pm, when I'm supposed to be at school doing the projects. Deadlines are on Friday. Two projects running simultaneously, tedious ones. Now I can say 'padan muka' to myself for choosing the subjects, and the university itself..!!

If you're planning to study here, lemme give you a preview of my day. Let's take yesterday. I left the house at 8.30 am, bus was delayed due to accident, arrived late for lecture at 9.20am, finished first subject at 10, next one started immediately and ended at 12, then I straightaway ran to another department for another lecture which ended at 2, and yep another lecture from 2 to 5. But I left the lecture hall at 3, went to design room for the project, looked at the drawing for awhile, discussed with the team and made my way to the library at 4 for another group meeting. Stayed there until 10 and went back home. Bought subway for dinner (not healthy) and arrived at 11pm. And, continued doing work..

I know this might be nothing for some people, but my mind is so tired now =( It's been like this for almost a month, with different tasks of course.

Can the clock stop ticking for a minute and let me rest?
I was at work this afternoon when a friend asked "have you packed your stuff?"
NoOooo!! I haven't. Thanks for reminding.

I'm not excited to go back anyway because I'll arrive in Malaysia on monday and has to leave for the st*pid camp the next day. For a week. I haven't done medical check-up yet. I haven't finished planning for the trip yet. I haven't studied for my exam yet. I haven't done so many things. Arghh..

At this time of writing, I wonder how's it like to just sit and enjoy a cup of coffee for a couple of minutes.

Weekends = group meetings

Monday, December 6, 2010

2011 Wishlist

There's only one item at the moment.

Amazon Kindle.

It's so light and practical. It fits in most handbag, that's a plus point. I always imagine myself holding a kindle in the tube, standing while reading instead of me dropping my book in between wet and smelly feet every time I need to flip the page over. Not cool kan, having to bend down and pick up the book in a very crowded train? Actually you won't even have space to bend down.

Pic credit to Uncrate
I want it, I want it please...!!

I've looked up on forums online. Apparently there's no use getting the 3g one as it's not supported in Malaysia. Also, I found out that access to Amazon store from Malaysia is restricted. Hmmm.. 

Should I get one? Or does anybody want to buy this for me? hehe

I'll be a good girl, I promise

Sunday, December 5, 2010


I've found a place that gives peace.
A place that takes my mind off so many things.
A place where I can be myself.
I'm tired of competitions, I'm tired of pressures.

This is where I've been spending most of my time at lately. This is also the place I go when I need company and a good laugh, along with a cup of cappuccino and hot banana buttons.

I've found these people.
The people who teach you so many things, without even trying to make you understand. The people with good hearts, whom you can talk about anything under the sun with. They listen to your craps and they laugh together at your lame jokes.

I've found a new family in London.
And I can't tell how much I love them.

Pics credit to Farah
But of course, mama papa and my siblings are still the best =)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Stay Tune

Tony Fernandes' Tune Hotel in Westminster.

He's the MAN !!

If only I were given a chance to spend a week, just a week with him and follow him around, it'd be so great. 

He's the Asian version of Richard Branson. The new entrepreneur of the world. Ahhh, that's what I'm doing now, looking up for successful entrepreneurs around the globe for our project. Hehe.

Anyway, I was talking to Ika last night, and we reckon uncle Tony will venture into public transport next. Low-cost taxi in the city? Who doesn't love the idea.

Any bets? Hehe

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Manual : How to Play Football

I've never enjoyed football. Really. Last wednesday, I was dragged by four football fanatics to the beastly warfield of Wembley Stadium and was forced to sit for the longest one hundred minutes of my entire life. I hurt my butt, but it was an experience indeed.

It was the friendly match between England and France. Looking back at history, these people have never liked each other with the Brits secretly wishing the wind to sweep the evils out of the island and bring them south-east as it blows.

Pic credit to Acip
Anyway, I really wanted to blog about the match but it took me almost two hours to write a single sentence. Nothing came out and I just didn't know what and how to explain. Except for the rows of heart-stopping, godlike men in shorts and boots, of course. Other than that, I've always wondered why do guys get glued to the tele on weekends to watch twenty-two men running and chasing after a ball when they're supposed to be watching the likes of Maria Sharapova or Anna Kournikova. Hotness ok. 

Heck, I'll never understand men.

So I cheated and asked a dear friend to write about last week's game for me. And this is what I got:

"Andy Carroll, Kieran Gibbs and Jordan Henderson made their debut for England. I've been most impressed with Henderson's abililty to cover every blade of grass and last night's match was no different. Ben Foster started in goal as Joe Hart was sent back to Manchester City cuz he sustained back injury during training. As someone who has frequently played at centre back for his club, Jagielka was asked to fill in at the right back slot in the absence of Glen Johnson in otherwise a pretty solid young side. 

The game started quite brightly to England as Steven Gerrard fired a shot through a free kick in the first minute which was well saved by the frech goalkeeper, Hugo Lloris. after the shot, however, France took control of the game very quickly, largely inspired by some brilliant moves by Arsenal's Samir Nasri who regularly threatened England's shaky defence. With England's players were chasing shadows, unsurprisingly the first goal arrived in the 15th minutes from Karim Benzema of France after a neat one-two with Florent Malouda. 

I was expecting more from this so-called experimental side of England but the tactics that the Manager (Capello) used was very much similar to that of when he had his full injury-free squad at his disposal. He might have realized Carroll had a physical advantage against France’s centre-backs as England ended up resorting to long-ball tactics, pumping the ball into the box, hoping Carroll to be able to flick on the ball to the running wingers. The first half ended 1-0 to france.

In the second half, England made a few substitutions in order to cut France’s defence open. Not for the first time though England started the game well. This time, it was Micah Richards who made a powerful run down the right but the move was well-stopped by French’s left back, Eric Abidal. The only caution of the game came in the 49th minute when Henderson made a reckless challenge on Nasri, leaving the referee with no choice but to show the yellow card. The next move in the 57th min proved to be decisive for the away team as Valbuena connected well from a cross by the handsome Bakary Sagna who made a comfortable run down the right wing. England finally realized they were supposed to be playing football. 

A glorious chance came from Gerrard when he hit the  ball wide as a result of good piece of football by Adam Johnson. He blew it though. An injured Gerrard was substituted by Peter Crouch who then managed to make an immediate impact to his team as he volleyed the ball straight to the net from a corner in the 85th minute.

With 5minutes to the final whistle, France intelligently adopted time-wasting tactics by making late substitutions , and keeping the ball to the each corner of the field. Very Henry-esque. Final score, England 1 – France 2.

Fun Fact: that was england’s first ever defeat at new wembley" - MME

Pic credit to Acip
I had to re-read five times (very slowly) to actually understand what he's talking about. Then I realised, hey I was at the stadium the whole time but I didn't see any yellow card being pulled out?

I guess my mind was somewhere else.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Eid Mubarak

I just realised I didn't celebrate Eid at all.
Because unfortunately, Eid fell on a Tuesday.
The day I have eight packed hours of lectures.

T_T   *sob sob*

How I wish we have public holiday here.
Oh talking about that, I'd like to announce that I'll be going back to Malaysia in december. Hehe.
I know, I know I just came back less than two months ago.
But haihh.....
If only I were given a choice, I'd rather stay and enjoy winter in London.

See you all gorgeous in malaysia!!

Oh right, Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha too.

Friday, November 19, 2010

A Weekend Away

It was unplanned
We talked about the trip on wednesday.
Bought the tickets the next day.
And left on friday.

But we knew we just had to go somewhere.
Before studies starts overloading.
And coursework starts swamping.
And exam starts haunting.

Well, life has no wherefore I'd like to believe.

So I packed my bags after class,
Took the underground train to Euston,
Went to collect the tickets,
Waited for Apen, and off we went.
All the way up to Manchester.

She was the tour guide. A FIERCE one. haha.
I daresay, I fell in love instantly with the city.
It resembles London so much, the vibe, the energy, everything.
Minus the morning overcrowded tube.
They even have Piccadilly and Victoria, see?!!
We spent the weekend "chillax-ing" and having some good times.
I'm not sure how prevalent the term is, but we like to use it.

In front of Old Trafford
Anyway, my darling Yasirah repeated the same song,
throughout the whole stay.
Five times and again.
Ten times and again.
Twenty times and again.
Gradually, the lyrics took its spot in my head.
Total Eclipse of the Broken Heart.
The Westlife version please, ladies and gentlemen =)

And I got this as a souvenir. Ain't it just adorable?

Toodles ~

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Our Little Project

It was Laila's birthday last sunday. Since I already had plan to go somewhere else that weekend, I felt so bad for not being near to celebrate her birthday. So, we came up with an idea of a short video.

On the eve, the three of us were busy looking at photos from out Italy trip back in 2008 while catching up and gossiping and laughing and talking about the birthday girl over skype. We went looking for something embarrassing, but not blatantly humiliating. And found a few, phewww..

Anyway, we decided to get people from all over the world to contribute to our little project. People from the UK, America, Australia and Malaysia. We thought of getting more, but time was against us.
And thank god, these people are awesome and cool ! Everybody did as told, and did excellently. We stayed up till morning trying to put the pieces together, talking and laughing all at the same time.

The whole night was great indeed cause I missed the girls so much.


Je veux presenter notre collage..

est c'est notre montage.

I can only provide the link =) the file is too big. took me an hour to upload on facebook, and the slow internet connection that night got my heart thumping 1000 miles per hour because it was almost midnight.

Happy Birthday, Dear!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

An Early Morning Post

We went up to east midland over the weekend. Yeayyayayayy!!

Anyway come november every year, there is only one place where you can find more Malaysians than the whole four years at school combined. Nottingham Games.

And being me, I didn't participate in any of the sports. Hehe. I was more interested to meet friends while cheering for random basketball teams. I wonder why hot attractive guys always end up in these teams hmm.

Anyway, among the thousands of pictures taken, I love this one particularly and you sure can see why. It's such an amazing shot by Acip using his ultra bulky and super expensive camera with somewhat obscene protruding lens. (maybe just my early morning imagination). Haha.

Met Laila after the game who cooked nasi briyani for us. Just that afternoon I was craving for nasi after one week living on sandwiches and fried chicken. God save Laila. Gosh I miss her already! =(

Again, this is an early morning post, sorry for the lack of words.

Wake up sunshines!!