Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bagsthrift !

Finally, HOME!
it was a long and tiring trip.
took 24hours to get home. crazeyy.
and i just realised i was at Dubai for 9 freaking hours!!
thought it was 7, and i didn't bother to count.
(the airport was awesome though, and new too)

anyway, on the 27th, we had to move out from halls.
so i was basically homeless on my birthday.
something i wish i would never have to experience again.
it was hard, really.

well, i left hall at 10 in the morning, went to Malaysia Hall with Altaf, and left our bags there.
Then wandered around Knightsbridge area while waiting for Harrods to open.
They just started sale that day, and it was a massive one you could never believe the price!

I didn't get anything for myself, though, because of 3 reasons.
One is me being broke.
Two because my bag was already heavy that i couldn't even lift it by my own.
Third, Harrods was sooooooo crowded. Took me 20minutes to pass one department.

I bought some stuffs for my sisters, and that's all.

Left Harrods and went to Bhosporeous (is the spelling correct?) at South Ken. Last piece of Kebab before going back to Malaysia.
It was a sad moment, really.
because i know, when i go back to London later, i'll definitely find at least one loyal companian waiting for me.
haha, i'm making it sounds like KEBAB is a living creature.
But, hey, ask anyone (Muslims usually) living in another country but Malaysia, kebab IS like their everyday friend.

Then I went to Bayswater, to Malaysian Hall, and slept in Altaf's room.
He was out to help a friend.
Kena marah dengan mak cik MH because I went into a guy's room.
But, he was not there ok. I can accept it if altaf was in the room.
She can yell her throat out, i don't mind.
And I left her yelling to the wall to meet Milo and her family.

They shopped and we left for Earl's Court, to the hotel they were staying at.

And that was when the real CHALLENGE began.

i'll continue in the next entry.

Love u all lots!

Im home im home!!

p/s : my sisters are selling some of the their pre-owned bags, have a look : http://ourspringcleaning.blogspot.com/

Friday, June 19, 2009

veni vidi vici

anybody wants anything from LOndon?


The Man

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

i think he's cute. lol


so which one worse now,
going hysterical over the fact that i figured out the way to answer the question the minute she said pens down,
being totally and utterly phlegmatic after leaving a question which carries half the total mark of the paper unanswered.

I need morphine.
and a wall painted in bilious red.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Guilt Free Cola


the new cola from pepsi.
with naturally sourced ingredients +doubt+

as written, cane sugar is used instead of synthetic sugar.
well, at least that's a good one, innit?

o0oooo i LOVE the size. cutesy.

wondering what it tastes like?

the name tells everything u need to know

Pepsi RAW

p/s : tumi si negative thinker.. llalala~
(everyone marah dia please)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cina Dan Annisa

I missed the launching in London.

p/s : i could feel the periodic table frolicking in my head,
acid and base strolling hand in hand along my neurons,
and electrons giggling merrily.
damn, get out you!

oo, but stay for tuesday..

p/ss : annisa means woman in arabic


wait, why are u insulting him?

"pardon me, but it was unconsciously done"

blerhh! in case you haven't realised, you are just like one of them.
so stop talking bad about other people.
cuz it doesn't make you better than anyone.


so now, tell me. where do u belong?

p/s : 2 more papers. the tough ones. God help me.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

hang on there

sorry for my absent which is due to the examinations,
and also the misfortune of my being suicidal.

the last part is not true.

pray for my success, will ya? i'll pray for urs too. =)