Sunday, October 31, 2010

Money = Motivation

The title may sound so dodgy, but I would like to take this opportunity to ask everyone, who thinks money is never a motivation for them?

When I watched Social Network (yes the Facebook story) I was quite surprised to find that Mark is portrayed as someone so humble who doesn't care about money at all, and it was Eduardo who managed the company financially and found investors. I couldn't believe such people exist.

So I went back, and did some research. And as I have predicted earlier, the movie failed to show the real Mark. It was actually his idea to value the company and search for investors. And he got Eduardo as his best friend to help. See?

Source :
Anyway, when I went back for summer last September, I had no business to run and I swear that almost killed me due to boredom.

 Last year, I managed the blogshop. The year before, while waiting for Alevel result, we sold cookies and did clothes trading. Before that was the top up cards era. Hehe, now that I listed them out, I wonder where have all the money gone to..

Anyhow, since I was itching to do something, I have successfully teamed up with brother in law and we started to sell..

Ok, now u guess!!

guess guess guess!!!


Fine, we sell LAND.

Bukit Damar
The area is called Bukit Damar. Strategically located in Dengkil, it is expected to bloom in the near future, all thanks to the fast-developing neighbours, Cyberjaya and Putrajaya. Hence, I can say that investing in one of these lots is very promising. At RM25 per square feet, it is very cheap and affordable comparied to nearby lands. There also has been an increase in the price over the past ten years.

But the real question is, Why Deal With Us?

Because we bring you straight to the landlord and negotiate the price on your behalf

Man with a tractor

Oo0ohh, going to the site was so fun!! And that's me in orange and red. Oh my, I really need to lose some weight!!

Nah, the closest I've ever been to nature was the overnight stay in the jungle for Duke of Edinburgh Award. It was the longest night of my entire life, with mosquitoes biting every five minutes and some wild dogs visiting our camp site. Scary! And in the middle of the night, we heard a group of worshippers doing their thang, beating drums so loud and chanting weird mantras.

And I will never go camping in Malaysia again.

For more info about Bukit Damar land investment, visit this page.

Am loving "How'd you get so rich?" show

Saturday, October 30, 2010


I was on a crowded bus one day when the driver stopped to let passengers out. It was too jam-packed that I had to stand. And as luck would have it, I heard an old man continually shouting and cursing because the lady sitting next to him wouldn't budge to let him out. I just had an exhausting day, but I couldn't help but to look at this distraught old man swearing endlessly. 

No, I actually stared at him!

Then, he lifted his face and looked up at me. And the next thing I knew, I was smiling at him. What do you think this venerable gentleman did? There, on his face was the sincerest and cutest smile I've ever seen thrown back at me with a silent thank-you

I felt sunshine inside my entire body. I went back home with a grin plastered on my face, covering the weary frown, knowing that I just made someone's day.

How did I know? Because he was happily humming to Bieber's song as he got off the bus.

Source :
So, moral of the story?

Happy Hallo-Weeeheee, Peeps!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Government

I woke up at quarter to seven, grabbed the towel and hit the shower.

It was still so dark and chilly outside (sunrise : 7.45am) that I almost threw my head back to the pillows and bed, but I managed to turn the radio on. Now let me tell you a secret. While I was working during the summer, I discovered that listening to music in the morning while getting ready actually helps to keep you happy and energetic for the rest of the day. Try it!

But of course, exception applies to when your kitten dies at mid-day.

Anyway, the real reason of waking up so early is because I was expected to be at Shell Centre before 8.45 am. It took me a good forty minutes to get to Waterloo station, and another twenty to find the office since I was alone and hehe, I got lost. Only after fifteen minutes of wandering in and around the station that I realised that the building was just next door. Luckily, I wasn't late. Phew..

Can you spot a shell? Hehe
Shell was so kind to invite us to participate in their business challenge.

For confidential purposes however, the study case information is not to be disclosed.

But basically, the day was spent to represent the government of a country in which Shell has interest in developing an oilfield and requires to get permit from. The country is a make-believe one obviously, but as a government, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered when making a decision. External pressure, the People, the legislations etc all add up to being nightmares!!

The program lasted the whole day, with long discussions and debates taking place in between. Each party has their own interests and needs that the settlement process was protracted and mutual agreement seemed impossible. Everyone was firm on their stance, very few were willing to compromise but these made the meetings fun and interesting.

I'm a dwarf. No, I bent the legs!!
At the end of the day, we learnt that prioritising is vital, with laying every single detail known on the table leads to massive destruction. It is also important to take a stand back to criticise the performance and restructure the negotiation.

Anyway, we were also taken to their viewing gallery on the top floor. The view was outstanding!! We like to believe that these people get so stressed out most of the time, and come to this area to shout their lungs out. To release the tension that is. How thoughtful the admin people are.. Hehe.

London Eye, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, River Thames etc..

Jasmine & Noon.
Noon makes the best omelet ever. Thai-style.

The best part was of course, the free food.

And at least we now know why it is easier to have a corrupt government rather than an honest one.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


oh oh ohhh!! did you know that Dumbledore was gay?!
So does Bert of Sesame Street.

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Frame

Usher would go OHH.EMMM.GEEE *staring at the dust*

I haven't been putting any new entry on this blog for quite some time.

The truth is, I've been staying back so late at the library for the past weeks. Also, too many friends came to London last week.

Anyway, I came back home one day and found this package.

I swear the picture doesn't do it any justice.
I reckon it's the light that makes the canvas looks uneven and distorted.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The First Trip

All those in favour say "aye". AYYYEE!!
Those opposed say "no". NNOOOOO!!

So, this is the everyday scene in the House of Commons chamber. I'm sure all members have mastered two skills, the Aye's and No's and the art of tilting the head to one side with both eyes shut, only to later explain that he/she was merely listening to the built-in speakers on the bench while focusing on the debate. If you believe that, you'll believe every fool in the world.

Picture credit to Basir
And, you guessed it right, I was at the Palace of Westminster today. Or also known as the Houses of Parliament. Despite the busy schedule, I managed to escape the morning workshop and brought myself here. I never thought that this old building could be so full of interesting stories. Or at least for someone who always fail her history test, it really IS interesting.

Picture credit to Basir
In my opinion, however, the voice vote is quite funny. I bet the Speaker will go damn! which one was louder? and more often than not, a recorded vote (division) has to be carried out. Now, this is where it gets more amusing.

When a division is demanded, the doorkeeper rings the bell to signal the MPs to file into one of the two lobbies alongside the chamber, with the Aye's to the right and No's to the left.

The bellring can be heard within a quarter of a mile from the building and they only have eight minutes to drop the coffee, stub out the cigarette, leave the conversation and get into the room.

The doors are then locked, the clerks record their names, and votes are counted as the members leave the lobby to re-enter the chamber. All manually done in less than five minutes. Efficient eh?

Walking up the stairs to the Strangers (yes they mean Public) seats
Besides listening to the House of Commons debate, we were also shown the House of Lords Chamber and were given a short presentation by the Parliamentary Outreach. They were explaining how the parliament and government work in the uk when I fell asleep.

Not that I intentionally dozed off, but I slept at two trying to find information for our techno-economic project. And had to wake up at six to get to Westminster by half past eight. And with a full day yesterday, I deserved my power nap ok.

Anyway, while we were walking back to the entrance, the bell rang. It was quite loud, and we saw people heading towards the House of Commons Chamber. RUNNING! Haa the clock was ticking..

Today was also Ed Miliband's first appearance in the House sitting since becoming Leader of Labour Party.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I looked at my timetable this morning, and almost fainted.

I know, the schedule shown is for November 2,
but it's all the same every week.

Anyway! you are yet to hear the worst.

I knew I was already late to register for language class, but I went to the language department anyway to see if they are willing to take me in. And guess what! They still do accept new enrolment. However, all the daytime classes are full, leaving only evening classes which start at six and end at eight pm. To cut story short, only the one on Tuesday has a few spots left and I secured one.

So, if you're thinking of going out with me on Tuesday just because Wednesday is half-day class, forget it. I have no idea what I've gotten myself into =)

Presentation went well, Alhamdulillah

Monday, October 11, 2010

Open House

Yeayy!! It was a success!

Anyway, last weekend, we hosted a small gathering in London.
We did everything from scratch, from onde-onde to nasi briyani.
And we invited a lot of people over to Westbourne Park.

Since it was our first time preparing food for more than ten people, we didn't have the necessary and suitable cooking utensils and have completely forgotten about it. To buy those huge pots and pans would cost us our limbs, especially when we know they will stay in the cabinet forever after the first use. Hence, we decided to cook them in several batches. Not a wise one, I daresay.

It wasn't easy at all. Operations began on Friday afternoon, and went on until the next morning with less than three hours of sleep. See! How determined the chefs were to serve our guests with delicious food. However, at midnight, we could already hear whines and somebody actually suggested, why didn't we just hire a caterer and let them do the cooking while we karaoke? Ha Ha. Right. Tell us an hour before the event.

Friday, almost midnight
Saturday, look at the weary smiles
On Saturday, I literally looked like panda with under eye dark circles and eye bags from the lack of sleep. But there was still cooking and cleaning up to do. So I dragged myself to the boys' house in the morning, when the roads were still empty and shops were still close. Strangely but fortunately, Hammersmith & City line was not under maintenance. We started cooking almost immediately, while some were taking nap on the couch and some were out to buy more stuff.

And now, the pictures.

Ustaz and sons

I don't know how I did it, but I did.
woke up at six, went to the boys' house, cooked until ten, showered and changed into baju kurung, welcomed and entertained the guests, laughed the lungs out with Abir, left at two for class, came back at five to a full house, karaoke-d, watched Lagenda Budak Setan while the others were glued to x-factor on tele, cleaned up the house and went back at ten to do research for presentation.

Pics credit to Izzudin & Firdaus

It was indeed a tiring day, but fun nonetheless.

Presentation is tomorrow by the way || Glassophobia

Friday, October 8, 2010

time time time

At the moment, there are so many things to be done.
I'm juggling work, study and Gossip Girl.
Of course, I always fail to keep that leisure prop in the air.
Sometimes, I even have to plan that short trip to the bathroom.
Pathetic kan?

At this rate, there's not much time left for friends.
We don't go out dinner or lunch like old times.
No more battle, no more jokes.
No trips, no games.

But with FaceTime, everyone seems to be so close.

These fellas make funny faces all the time.
and they say we don't have to say Yes, just nod.
So true and so cool.

Anyway, this year is all about placement, industrial internship and industrial link project. And of course, more intense lessons.
It's only the first week of school and I have a presentation to deliver, and a project to submit.
I seriously need to catch up.

And I often find myself killing two birds with one stone.
Like, looking for research materials at Harrods (haha)
and eating while sleeping.
Hehe. Ok, it's not that bad.

I'll probably be as busy as a bee this coming week. Wish me luck.

Note : I don't work for Apple and I eat Maggie for breakfast.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


As soon as we exited the highway marked with a big Bath signboard, I asked them so, what's so beautiful about this place that I hear about all the time? while looking at the trees, fields and winding roads.

Some ten minutes later, I was already taking back my words because what laid before our eyes was the most spectacular and breath-taking scenery of valleys, houses and blue sky I've ever seen. We were being taken to another country, so I wanted to believe, back to the 18th century.

We were enjoying, and totally immersed in, the picturesque view when it slowly turned dark outside. There goes the sunshine and blue sky, which is something rare in London nowadays. I'm really sorry that it's beyond my vocabulary to describe the inarguable beauty of the place that has mesmerized me completely. Too bad we didn't come earlier or it would have been a perfect moment off the busy busy lives we have in London. The peace of mind we've been yearning for.

Anyway, the real reason of running away from the city noise was to send Ben for his first day at university. Talking about little boy all grown up now huh. Lucky him, Bath is so relaxing and peaceful, just the great condition and environment to study while witnessing the real English countryside and its authenticity.

Much to my disappointment, however, there was nothing traditional about the buildings within the school compound. Modern architecture, glass and steel. The library is fully equipped with high-technology that we could have never guessed it was a library if it wasn't because of the rows of encyclopedia and a bunch of nerd smart looking people carrying books on both arms.

He settled in just fine, heartily welcomed by the housemates.

Sadly, it was a really short trip. I was still jet-lagged that I fell asleep on the way back. And I awoke to the sound of ambulance siren and lively streets. A typical city life.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The First Day

I've safely arrived in London, and I sneezed blood at five in the morning. Ahh...

I haven't got the chance to see the gp, though. But thanks to the coughing and runny nose, I had pills to put me to sleep throughout the twelve hour journey.

And I was greeted by this gentleman as I landed. Haha. Nah, this is just apen but yea, the real driver did wait by the gate holding that little board with my name on it up high. I didn't expect that!

Anyhow, although short, this summer break has been the most meaningful and enjoyable. I'm glad I made the decision to come back home. I am in London finally, independent as I have to be and all busy with study, let's see what the country has got to offer to me this year.

I'm still jet-lagged

Friday, October 1, 2010

The First Theatre

Call out his name, everyone can feel hairs standing upright. Speak about him, everyone can list out all the contributions he's made. Why is he so great? Because this man is Tun Mahathir, a prominent leader of the country and also the world.

So when a theatre was made about his childhood, his career and his family, it is surely a hit and must-see. I found out about the musical a tad too late, but luckily we managed to get tickets.

Since it was my first theatre in Malaysia, I didn't really know what to expect or how much hope should I put. It was being staged at Istana Budaya, which tells something about the quality of the show (or so I thought).

Anyway, I didn't mean to compare this with those that I've seen in London, because one the level of experience differs and two arts is less appreciated in Asia than the west. Understandable. But, all I can say is, don't put too much hope on this theatre or you'll leave the auditorium disappointed and frustrated.

The story line was great and organised, of course, because you can't do much about the biography facts. Also, the cast was superb. Erra Fazira was stunning and Esma Daniel brought the character so well you can't even point out any difference between the character and Tun M himself.

However, in my honest opinion, the production generally was presented poorly that they made it looks like some cheap production by an underpaid director and crew. The props. The songs. The dances. Even the english description. All those was quite a disgrace to the people. 

Some of the flaws I could think of are : 

one they used too much screen that it felt like we were in a cinema watching a historical movie instead of an auditorium full with VIPs and VVIPs.

two there were serious dances for every songs that you would get confused if you have mistakenly purchased a dancing competition ticket. My own definition of musical theatre is one with the messages in the script being conveyed to the audience in a musical manner, instead of the normal plain act. But maybe that's just me =)

three For every scene, there will be english descriptions for the convenience of the non-malay speaking people. One of the few mistakes I discovered is this line, Mahathir explaining to Hasmah that he will being posted to Langkawi. Shame?

I'm really sorry but I criticize solely because I love the country and I believe Malaysia can do better than that. We're getting there, if only our steps aren't that small.

In less than twenty hours, I'll be in London.