Monday, February 28, 2011

The Shoe That Doesn't Fit

I received a text message from my mum.
She wanted to buy a handbag.
She couldn't find the bag in malaysia and asked me to get it here.
I was jumping up and down with excitement. Ok, liar.
But, seriously, who doesn't like shopping and spending someone else's money, right? Hehe.

Anyway, I was so caught up with work that I didn't have time to reply her text. When I finally remembered, I apologised and was hoping that she received it.

A good ten minutes passed before my phone beep-ed. Yayayaayy!!

The text sounded like this :

"mama's asleep. did she just say she wants a bag? she's got so many already. how much is it this time?"

HA HA !!

That was my dad, disapproving of a newcomer to the huge collection of bags his wife already owns.

Someone just got busted.

O0ohh, instagram moment, pfftt..

If the shoe doesn't fit, change it.
If a strategy doesn't work, dump it.
Better luck next time, ma?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cafe au lait

Have you ever entered Coffee Bean in Malaysia, found yourself staring at the list of drinks available on the big board behind the counter for minutes but could not make up your mind of what to get?

And also, have you ever walked into a coffee shop and wondered what's the difference between machiato, white coffee and espresso, then just ordered cappuccino or latte when you were finally in front of the cute waiter because you didn't want him to think that you couldn't differentiate between americano and black coffee?

Well, I have to admit that for the past twenty years, I've never been bothered to care!! and ended up getting hot chocolate all the time because we all know it. Right?

However, I was forced to learn about coffee on my first day at work. And after months of making the coffee machine my best friend, I can now forth milk like a pro, forming generous foam for latte and cappuccino especially.

I made this today, hehe. Not too proud.
I'm a coffee girl. (because I always need it to stay awake, boo!)

By the way, I feel so blessed for having a Starbucks next to the bus stop I wait at every morning. Walk in, ask for coffee, swipe the card, take two packets of sugar and leave. Life could've never been easier.

And in the case where the queue is rather long, there are another two Starbucks waiting at the underground station where I take my tube from. Now tell me how can I not be too dependent on coffee.

So dear readers, having talked about the same thing in the six paragraphs above, I feel obliged to educate you with a quick coffee 101. Now put your nerd glasses on, get ready and read away ...

Okay I cheated before. Americano, black coffee and filter coffee are all the same. I wonder who came up with the name americano (duh!!), hehe. Is there any Italiano, Spaino and France-o? Also, why can't we create Malaysia-o? Ah, maybe because we already have Milo and Neslo. Such cool names, kan? Hehe.

Next is cappuccino. This one has three parts : coffee, milk and froth. Each takes up a third of the cup, with coffee being poured in first, and froth the last. A good cappuccino is when the foam sits nicely and the coffee doesn't spill when u gently shake the cup.

I'd like to think of latte as the same thing as cappuccino, only different in the way it's prepared. More milk, less foam and coffee is added last. It's usually served in a tall glass so that you can see the three visible layers. sooo nice :) Anyway, there are actually two types of latte, caffe latte and latte macchiato, but let's not go in too deep.

Espresso is served in the teeny weeny cup which I'm sure you have seen before. It's basically the first extract of the coffee, very strong and concentrated.

Macchiato is essentially espresso with a dash of milk.

So, guys, let's all now go and get ourself a good cup of coffee. The smell is tantalising...

*The reason behind all this is because I don't like making cappuccino !!! But that is, ironically, the one word that permanently resides in everyone's mind and pops up when it's coffee time.

On a separate note,
congratulations to my sister for completing her ACCA.
double congrats to another sister for being pregnant!
I want a boy, please??
triple congrats to me for the good afternoon email I received :)
and finally. Happy Birthday, mama!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pick Up a Life

I know it's really unfair that I rarely wrote anything for the past few weeks, and now still hope that someone out there actually reads the gibberish I dump in this blog.

Truth be told, I was so busy completing the school project. It was the most difficult and annoying so far. At one point, people were whining that they'd rather do the very tedious and sluggish project we had last year than going through weeks of pain. I was one of the grumbler, hehe.

I literally spent the night at the library until submission the next afternoon, all shabby and zombie-like. Not the most fashionable moment of my life, pffftt.

Actually I wouldn't mind staying back as long as there's Malaysian take-away, weeeheee :)

And it's soo funny that the ladies in my group carry the same exact bag! There was a time when I was ready to go back and accidentally grabbed the wrong bag.

Enough ranting, I'm sure this time next year, we would expectedly hesitantly prefer this project.

On a different matter, Stephen Fry and Frank Skinner had this Walkers' Clash of the Comic advertisement shot at the cafe I work at on Portobello Road. It's the shop with blue window frames.

and the behind the scene video :

Walkers is British most famous crisps, by the way. I've stopped buying walkers a year ago as I realised that I need to cut down the fatty junks I consume. But hey, I'll definitely go to Sainsbury's and get a packet tomorrow :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Taxi's Waiting

I wish there exists an oasis of serenity within this loud bustling city.

by Rickydavid
I need it.

This is what I've been staring at for days, and I know simulation programmes never fail to make someone go crazy (unless if you already are). It's so frustrating when you thought you've already entered the correct codes and specs, but only errors come out. Errors in red are more upsetting, hehe.

Please agree with me?

I found the remedy, btw. Coffee every morning of the week.

It's drizzling, but the day never feels better :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Love of My Life

"Dear God, please please give us back Freddy Mercury and we'll send you Justin Bieber through post".

source :

Fine, I was merely three years old when he left the world, but his music stays strong till this day. Please tell me you've heard of the creepy ballad/rock Bohemian Rhapsody song written by this very talented man!! Everybody should've listened to it. But, in case you're still unsure, it's one of the few songs in the world without chorus and has a "bismillah, bismillah" line in the lyric - here!

Anyway, a few weeks ago, I was studying for exam when a friend pulled my arm and dragged me to the music room. She then started playing Queen's Love of My Life with the piano. It was really beautiful and I was drifted deep into the slow and melancholic music.

Now before you read the rest of this entry, try to listen carefully to the lyric first :)

For many people who listen to the song for the first time, it does sound like a typical love song about a heartbroken man. A song about how the girl's decision to leave has impacted him quite seriously, but he's adamant that his love is never ending and will not fade. Sweet, right?

Anyway, Freddie was famous for his flamboyant character on stage and was loved by millions of fans worldwide. In Easter 1987, he was diagnosed with AIDS and the song actually reminded him of the wild life he once enjoyed, also the one that has eventually left him fighting in a fatal battle.

So, regardless of the original intention, it's always up to each individual to interpret a song. And that's why I adore how Freddie articulated his thoughts into words.

Having a go.
Happy Sunday, Loves!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Forget The World

One day, a friend came up to me and complained about my lack-of-update blog. And he was the last person on earth I'd expect to read my rants!

Anyway, if you're wondering why I haven't been blogging for the whole week, blame it on these people. They've been making my room a makeshift refugee camp :)

Look!! One is taking his nap, one has taken over the desk completely and selfishly and the other one has conquered the floor.

It's a very small room I've got here in London, and with three big men inside, it feels even smaller. But they're not always here, you see. It was good to do some catching-ups and well, gossip. Yes! They do that. Hehe.

Actually, it's really hectic at school now and I've been surviving on 'healthy' food specially delivered by Mr McDonald all week. It's been the same food going down my throat every day because what else can I eat besides fillet-o-fish?

Eye bags are my best friend now..

By the way, I'm thinking of starting a new business.. *hMmmmm*
Anyone interested?