Sunday, November 16, 2008


Dear Diary,

Ive been here for more than a month now, but (shockingly) i've never seen the big bEn! which is, i reckon, a must for everyone who travels here. heh. ohhhh, let alone the London Eye. ahahha!! im a nerd and i take that with a smile if that makes everyone happy. geee.. =P guess im gonna wait for ainul to come and we'll go sightseeing together gether, aite babe??

anyhoww... here are some pictures of my room. for iqa. cuz i know hotel rooms are no better than mine. and im proud to be a resident of Southside (wth?, go google, honeys!)

okay, i finished the whole of the raspberry trifle in a couple of minutes. nyumm!

the mess . it wasnt me. (weee)

the view from the window

honestly, life's been pretty hectic here. especially during the first few weeks of the course when class started as 9 in the morning, and ended at 6pm. it was already dark when i came back from school, we were all exhausted and mentally restless but there was NO bloody food at home..!! i felt like crying, seriously but that didn't help at all +wink+. now i know the easiest way is to cook a giant heap of food on weekend, and keep it in the fridge. for the week. i hope this works.

last week was exceptionally busy for me as we had a design project to be submitted before the end of the week. library became the second home. we even went back at 3 in the morning.. just to find us resuming the work. whats worse, a guy in my group actually spent a night in the library trying to sort all the things and compile the project. yeppp.. no kidding. that's how london been treating us lately.

i'll put more pictures and tell more stories later. process analysis awaits.