Saturday, April 30, 2011

Friendship Dance

Lately, I haven't been in front of the computer long enough to write.
I've been enjoying the gorgeous weather instead! :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Malaysia Boleh

Only in Malaysia,

They are so hilarious I just have to put them here !!

Good Morning, Malaysia :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

First Attempt

Look who's in the house !!

Hehe, okay not exactly a 'who' but I'm so excited !! Weeheee :)

I whatsapp-ed my sister the photo,

Sister : why are you sending it to me?
Me : because I think it's amazing.
Sister : of course it is, because you bought it from a bakery.
Me : *i'm flattered*
Sister : omg no, that's impossible!!

Thank you, thank you *bow*

I sense escalating sugar level for the next few days.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Think Before You Clean

They say, never put anything smaller than an elbow into your ears.
And we ask, can we have smaller elbows?

Anyway, being a little girl who defied orders, I went playing with the cotton bud when mum wasn't looking. Of course it looked like cotton candy, but I was no dunce so I thrusted it into my right ear.

I don't remember all this, but mum said blood was oozing out from my ear and I was excited. Okay maybe I wasn't a brainiac after all.

I was quickly brought to the doctor and he said if only I had pushed a little deeper, I could have perforated my eardrum like this.

Looking at this picture scares the hell out of me, man!! I feel so lucky now. God must have loved me too much back then.

Anyway, that's not the end of my love-hate story with cotton buds.

After high school, I got quite obsessed with cleaning my ears that I'd clean them almost every day. Maybe it was the fact that cleaned ears boost my confidence or maybe it was plainly because of the tickling sensation that gradually gives one pure pleasure. I don't know.

However, after years of consistent everyday ear-cleaning, I realised one day that I couldn't hear anything more than a metre away clearly. Sometime I felt like my ears were blocked, the kind of thing u've got when water got trapped inside the ear after swimming. 

I've tried everything you could possibly think of - from putting a few drops of water in and hop on one leg to sleeping on one side every night for a month - but nothing worked. So I decided to get my ears checked.

It turned out that there was a massive lump of hard solid earwax in both of my ears! Disgusted enough? Hehe. The doctor explained that using cotton bud apparently pushes some earwax further inside while leaving the outer part spotless. They soon accumulate and when the ear is dry, the chunk hardens.

I was sent to an ENT specialist who asked me to put three drops of olive oil at night for a week and return to syringe the earwax out. Well, when syringe didn't work, he had to vacuum it out !!

Haha! Of course not this type of vacuum.

Anyway, I remember being charged RM180 for the procedure - the most expensive earwax cleaner I've ever paid for. I was also advised to stop using cotton bud and use this instead.

It's got a spatula-like tip to scoop the wax out easily without destroying the tickling sensation. I love using this cleaner, seriously, that sometimes I wish I have a thousand ears.

So guys, while cleaning your ears might be good and hygienic, using cotton bud as a medium could be harmful, to the extent that it can cause deafness. You might want to take extra precaution.

Finally, Instagram time people!! pffft.

Think before you clean :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beauty Pageant


Oh-kay. Pardon me for wandering too far down, but I wonder how does a transsexual cope with the new ehem, private part? A friend told me about sex rearrangement surgery, and I can't shake it off since.


Holy cow!!

Have you guys seen the video of Miss Malaysia Pahang 2010 pageant? It's widely circulating on facebook now and all over the internet.

Fine, I'll put it here. I'm not entirely sure if all of the contestants are cross-dressers or not, but I'm pretty sure some of them are.

When I first saw it, I thought they are all beautiful, walking down the runway so gracefully and confidently in traditional costumes. Of course, a part of me heard the harsh, deep almost masculine voices and felt something was unusual about the pageant, but that part of me chose to give them the benefit of her doubt and just ignore it.

Anyway, the fact that it was held in Malaysia is indeed disturbing. We should realise that the town is talking and the world is looking. Just saying.

My friends started to make jokes about the contest over tea. One even suggested that we have our very first and own drag queen pageant in London.

And I think I've already found a candidate :

I hope he doesn't see this. Haha!!

And no, ladies, he ain't no fruitcake. He was forced to model the hat, the smile and the pose. I guess he nailed it better than me, huh? Such a talented boy.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Flight Deal

In the midst of planning a summer trip with the girls, I came across an interesting article about Ryanair (Irish version of AirAsia).

It was dated back in 2009 when the boss wanted to let passengers stand during flight so they can squeeze more people in. His proposal was to install what has been described as 'bar stools' and to charge less than seated passengers. It's believed to help cut costs by 20% by flying 50% more people in a single flight.

I personally think it's a brilliant idea that benefits the company itself and also the customers. Honestly, I wouldn't mind standing for an hour in the airplane from London to Dublin, as I've been doing exactly that on the packed bus and tube almost every day.

If the cost of flying does go down, ceteris peribus, I'm sure more people would opt for this means of transportation. I'm no exception!!

Anyway, this is a conceptual 'standing seats' designed by Aviointeriors Group for budget airlines who wish to employ it.

However, everyone knows that flying cheap is equivalent to your gearing up for an intellectual combat with the airlines for their ridiculous charges on almost everything. Priority boarding? Cross. Inflight entertainment? Cross. Airport transfer? Nah. Extra luggage? No thanks.

And your bag ends up appearing in many of your pictures.
What an unsightly view, pfft.

But that's not the worst !!

Once, as I was queueing up to enter the gate, an officer decided to spot check my cabin luggage. I was ordered to put the bag into the metal cage but unfortunately it didn't fit, off by less than an inch. He suggested to just check the so called cabin bag in and pay at the counter.

And the charge for an extra 5kg of bag allowance? A freaking £18.

I hesitantly took the towel out and shove it into the big dustbin at the corner.

Absolute embarrassment.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

Tom and Summer

Summer : I just woke up one day and I knew.

Tom : Knew what?

Summer : What I was never sure of with you.


Summer : I was sitting in a deli and reading Dorian Gray, and a guy comes up to me and asked me about it. And now he's my husband.

Tom : Yeah. And so?

Summer : So.. what if I'd gone to the movies? What if I had gone somewhere else for lunch? What if I'd gotten there ten minutes later? It was- It was meant to be.

p/s - don't force love. It comes when you least expect it :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Guilty Pleasure

Spring has finally come!!
 The sun shines, and the trees bloom.
No more heater, and no more shivering.
I'm so lovin' it :)

Anyway, BP had just had their first annual general meeting since the deepwater horizon oil spill, thought to be the second biggest after Exxon Valdez  (1989) in terms of environmental impacts.

Sadly, after almost a year, fishermen are still unable to do their job close to the gulf of mexico. Many businesses have been closed down, and most families running this seafood business are without stable income. Compensations are still far from reach.

I really feel sorry for them.
(Try watch this and u'll be sorry too)

Thought that might interest you all. Hehe :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cold Cash

At a very young age of twenty three, I feel so blessed to finally have the opportunity to own a property in Knightsbridge, one of the most upscale and posh areas in London.

Nobody would've thought that I'd be able to pay for the house myself, using money from my own account, through persistent hard work. 

The bank had been really helpful in every step of the tedious process of acquiring the property. And, after much tolerance and patience, we eventually came to an agreement through


Haha. Okay that was a lame introduction, but I was so excited after years of monopoly-less life. And seeing the board in front of me a week ago was like seeing an angel from heaven.

Whenever no one was free to play, I used to play it against another player online, but most of the time, they quit before the game ends. Don't ask me why as I've been baffled by this very unacceptable behaviour as well, hehe. 

So for a decade, I was left counting the very wee amount of money in my bank account, the only physical cash I have.

Anyway, after years of fasting, I have already forgotten and was unsure of most of the rules. So I asked around.

Question : How to get out of jail?

Answer 1 : Role two dice and get same side on both.
Answer 2 : No! Pay $50 to bail yourself out and miss a round.
Answer 3 : No!! Miss three turns then you can move.
Answer 4 : No no! Just miss one turn.

And the best answer would of course be this, 
Just bribe and pay the bank laahh - we're Malaysian waaat. That's what we do.

It's so funny how each of us had different rules when we were kids. I guess the rules were all cooked up every session to make the game more interesting and to give a little emotion in the environment. 

Don't tell me your heart doesn't sound like Harley Davidson's engine when you land on that space with a big question mark? Or when you land on another player's super expensive space with four houses and a hotel? Well, I do. Without fail.

Someone just lost big bucks there. Hehe.

Ohh!! We played monopoly at Hamid's house and were actually there to celebrate his birthday. It'd be unfair if I didn't put a picture of birthday boy and his cake.

Anyway, Easter break officially started two weeks ago and I've be procrastinating. Playing games, watching movies, going out.

u.n.h.e.a.l.t.h.y !!

Happy Monopoly, peeps!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Where to Eat?

I've been wanting to write about a restaurant which I love dearly called Mango Tree in Belgravia. It's located about five minutes away from Victoria station, a stone's thrown from the Buckingham Palace and just along the main road that you can hardly miss it.

Two weeks ago, UKEC held its flagship event, the careers fair in University College of London. It's a must-go event for all job seekers in the UK, hence you can imagine the massive influx of Malaysian students bombarding London. 

It was a pain for us Londoners as we became the entertainer-cum-informant of the week. We put the yellow luminous vest on with Transport for London badge precariously attached to it and started to act the part immediately - answering phone calls for tube information and directions. TfL's decision to suspend several lines did not help either.

However, looking at the bright side, it was also the week where gatherings and catching-up sessions with fellow friends scattered all over the country were made possible. And this is where the my Mango Tree story comes in. Hehe.

I made a reservation at the restaurant for a group of friends in the morning and headed to Euston for an interview. There, I met a couple of other friends and invited them for dinner. So the group grew bigger. A couple of hours later, I've managed to get more people to join, and the group grew even bigger!! And bigger and bigger.

Unfortunately, there was only one picture for that night.

We were all so busy talking and eating that I forgot to snap more.

Anyway, the restaurant offers authentic Thai cuisine with wide selection of dishes. My eyes went gaga looking at the mouth-watering starters, it was hard to choose. However, my favourite would always be the satay. Believe me, our neighbour's satays are more delicious and juicier than the Malaysian ones. I don't recommend the tom yum soup though, as they have made it less spicy to suit Caucasian tongue.

Then the mains include a variety of their famous Pad Thais, fried rice and dishes with rice. Also, there were grilled lobster, roasted chicken and so much more. And the drinks are excellent with funky thai names.

So, whenever you come to London, don't forget to have lunch or dinner at this restaurant. The food are amazing as they serve the finest meat from qualified suppliers combined with highly selected chefs in the kitchen. The warm and relaxing ambient has attracted stars and renowned people, you'll get to see them here every so often.

After the dinner, we all parted and left for different routes. Then, I remembered to take one last group picture (minus half of us). Hehe.

My stomach is making so much noise now writing about food :)

*pictures : Mango Tree website & Google

Monday, April 4, 2011

Something Old, Something Grey


This has been bothering me. Gahh..!

I've been telling people that ageing is really sexy, and now it got me.

Can I take my words back, please? :)

p/s : I have girl crush on Ivanka Trump. She's so beautiful and not to mention, successful.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

In Three Sentences

I ran away to Cardiff when I was in dire need of a peaceful life after a very busy week. And I was so grateful to be welcomed by very nice people who fed me with unlimited sushi and many rounds of reality show Take Me Out. We talked all night until four o'clock and decided to just cross out everything in the following day's itinerary.

Also that night, my tummy had a tantrum that it made so much noise. And I had a chance to listen to it using a stethoscope!! It was my first time ok and I was so jakun. I felt so cool being the engineer-who-uses-stethoscope and wanted to actually sleep with it. But of course I didn't voice my desire out loud or I'd have been kicked out and slept by the roadside. Hehe.

That night, too, I found out that I am lactose intolerant :( I've always thought it's normal to get stomachache after you have milk.

The one and only Gingerbread Man Coffee in the uk.
However, I still bought coffee before boarding the bus, and was feeling all gassy inside (hehe) and uncomfortable throughout the journey. I'm now accepting the fact that I can't have milk without getting into trouble.. so sad, right?

And I had welshcake too!!

Anyway, it was a really nice and fun trip. I wish I was there longer.

I should go back to studying now :)