Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hola, Amigos

Pheww... that was a long hiatus.

A very long indeed.

Anyway, we just moved into a new house.
Well, it's been two weeks since we checked in,
but we haven't got internet installed yet,
which explains the long hiatus.

So, here, welcome to my humble abode.

pic credit to Man

I'm on mobile broadband now,
waiting patiently for the engineers to come,
to set up our phone line and TV connections.

Mobile broadband means limited data usage.
Which also means slower connection.
And, limited image uploads.

But I've gotta live with it for another two weeks.
I can't complain. There's no use.

The house is great, in and out.
Nice location, lovely neighbours and wonderful rooms.
Altogether, it's a home.

I'm sitting comfortably on the couch,
in front of the TV,
feet on coffee table, notebook on laps,
at the time of writing.

Ahh... I couldn't ask for a better weekend,

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Trafalgar Square

I love working in the city,
I have no complaints whatsoever. Really.

The tube ride in the morning gives me a little hint of independence.
The overflowing inbox and emails to the counter parties makes me a little bit more efficient and organised.
And learning non-technical stuffs adds a little flavour to the mundane daily life of this engineering student.
Overall, I love it here. I do.

But, I just hope I wouldn't have to start working four days after I finished exams.
If only I could turn back time, I would've rejected the offer to come into office straight away.
I would've delayed it. Too excited back then, maybe?
I wished I had more time to spend with friends.
Be it to visit places, or just hanging out at home.
Especially Man.

If only time machine does exist,
I would've gone back to three weeks ago.

I'm sorry to sound too whiny, it's the hormone. Hehe.

Okay. Enough of that.

The office was rather empty and quiet today.
The bosses were not around.
And I didn't have much work to do.

I arrived at nine, 
sent some info across to commercial department,
checked incoming invoices,
read and replied emails from BG and Dragon,
couriered out invitations and goodie bags for our upcoming event,
and watched Humza playing with his new iPhone 4.

The rest of the morning?
Joined Gavin admiring Humza's cool iPhone apps.

There was no point sitting in the office anymore,
so I dragged myself to Trafalgar Square.
At least I could find people with different actions there.
People who don't keep on checking his new iphone every two seconds.
People with words other than invoices, zero send outs, gas price, nominations, etc.
And the weather was just perfect.

This place, by the way, brings about thousands of memories.

My first time here was almost twelve years ago,
with my family, when we were staying in Wales.
I remember feeding the pigeons.
And running about with my sisters.
Dad taking pictures of us chasing the birds.
Oh, Old times.

Then, I used to come here with Man.
During the winter evening.
There was no pigeons anymore.
But the dark sky was as beautiful as ever.
We just sat there by the fountain, talking.
It was our first date.
I think? Hehe.

But now, he's leaving the country for good in a couple of weeks.
And I won't be seeing him for the next twelve months.

Anyway, I can see the office from here, in case the boss comes back.
Then I need to rush fifty miles per hour. Hehe.

Ohh, and they're setting up the big screen for world cup final !!
It's this Sunday.
Ina will be here, we can go and watch. Weehee.

Espanyol vs Holland?
Germany / Holland?
We'll find out tomorrow.

Went back to my workstation after lunch,
And what did I do fo the rest of the afternoon?

Exchanging apps with Humza. Haha.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Food. Again.

Isn't it super duper big??
And we were meant to finish all.
Just the 4 of us.

The aftermath,


A few weeks ago, I was one size smaller than usual.
I think I've gained enough to return to the old wardrobe.
Fatty Bum Bum Me.

Ohh!! Tell me what's the difference,
between Cinderella and the English football team?
A gift awaits for the one with the correct answer.
I'm feeling generous.

Red Sea Restaurant, Uxbridge Road.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Out and Away

Sorry for the long pause.
I'm in the midst of packing up stuffs.

The thing is,the house is not even confirmed yet.
The agent is really slow.
And not to mention fussy too.
I hate waiting, in agony this is.

We'll probably move next week,
on a weekday,
so I have to start putting everything in bags and plastics now,
because I'll be working on that day.

I didn't order any boxes this time,
and we're hoping to shift everything in just one trip.
At night, after work.

HOPE is all I have now.
LUCK is what I wish for.

Will be back.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


I'll be in London for the whole of summer,
so there's nothing more I miss about Malaysia other than the food.
A good one I mean.
A delicious one, that makes the saliva drool over your shirt.

After a very long week of work,
I went back from the office on Friday to find this on the table.

Home-cooked Chicken Rice!!

And now stop imagining me clumsily eating the food.
Because I did control myself.
Hehe. For half a minute I did.

Anyway, I haven't had chicken rice for ages,
as it can nowhere be found in London.
Not that I know of, at least.
Oh, except for those Halal chinese restaurants.
But the taste is of course different,
nothing like ours.

Anyway, the chicken was superbly nice and tenderly cooked,
with butter and oyster sauce, honey and a slight taste of ground black pepper.
The rice was perfect, just enough amount of water, and butter.
The soup? Haha. I know the chef used chicken stock only.

But it was the best Malaysian food I've ever had in London.

Now let's meet the chef

and the co-chef. Hehe.

This is actually my second time doing "real" cooking since I got here.
First was Curry Noodle I prepared with Laila.
It was a huge success for a first-timer!!

I know everybody had three rounds each.