Friday, May 29, 2009


When I was seven
They said I was strange
I noticed that my eyes and hair weren't the same
I asked my parents if I was OK
They said you're more beautiful, and that's the way

They show that they wish that they had your smile
So my confidence was up for a while
I got real comfortable with my own style
I knew that they were only jealous

Because people are all the same
And we only get judged by what we do
Personality reflects name
And if I'm ugly then so are you

There was a time when I felt like I cared
That I was shorter than everyone there
People made me feel like life was unfair
And I did things that made me ashamed
Cos I didn't know my body would change
I grew taller than them in more ways

But there will always be the one
Who will say something bad to make them feel great

I didn't write those, but I like the song for the message it carries.

Song : Ugly
Artist : Sugababes


Wednesday, May 27, 2009


great. schrodinger must be very happy.

see, he's smiling. ok, i declare myself crazy.

p/s : kenapa lambat sangat masuk isyak nie.... 11.15pm? nak ikut time msia plz..

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


okay, saya sgt sedih.

kepada mila, if u want to find out how he died, then watch the final break.

but don't cry.

study study study

Monday, May 25, 2009

go, go, power rangers!

tired and wired,
great they rhyme, and i just whined.

it's such an agony to wait for the first day of exam and yet at the same time, fearing it.
i want it to be over quick
and i can go back.

anyway, i found a picture in my laptop.

an entertainment for my brain.

venue : rome, italia
date : 27th December 2008

you seriously wanna ask them what they're doing.

so.. fight it, or join it?

p/s : happy birthday, izu!

pink power ranger,

'accuse me, ma'am?

you complain about people stalking you,
how they know what you're up to,
who you spent your winter break with,
where u went last easter,
what you had for dinner at bonda,
what you wore to james morrison concert,

"oooo... they're scary,mann..."

hello?! wake up!
isn't that the whole purpose of you putting your pictures on facebook?
with the wine bottle in your hand (bangga la tu?),
because u want everyone to see,
to comment,
u want people to know what you're doing.

you create the publicity,

and u're complaining??

go get a life.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

house of rawk. rawrrrr!!

even though i know what the world would become without mathematics, i still can't stop asking myself why do i have to learn it?
why do i study maths?
why do i need to know that everyone thinks matrices is easy?
and why do i find it mind-killing?
why can't i solve a single matrix problem?
why the differential equations and the weird graphs?

i don't see any intersection between this and chemistry. maybe i haven't

so i decided to take a break...

the only court we know, at Finsbury Park


"raise ur hand if u recognize the shirt i'm wearing!"

hint : T*paz

Furious at Maths,

Friday, May 22, 2009

i'm not a coward. boo!!

told u i would.! lalalaa~

p/s : today was officially our last day of class!! weehee~ sgt seronok! and my parents are coming next weekend. double seronok.!!

sorry for the lack of words, lately. i read more than i write.

Pom Pata Pom!!! =)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

big G

kenapakah kamu orang-orang kaya semakin hari semakin bosan...???

-frustrated girl

a friend was complaining to me about how hard it is for her to understand our chemistry teacher's american accent, and i couldn't agree more.

will Twitter become Twidder?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I'm a happy happy girl today =D

I passed the mastery test.

for those of you who have no clue,
mastery is like a ticket for us chemEngers at imperial to get into 2nd year.
well, all we have to do is to pass all the 5 papers.

sounds easy peasy? the passing mark is 80%.

gambar tiada kaitan

p/s : Alice in wonderland says " I was thinking, which is the best way out of this wood, it's getting so dark? would you tell me please?"


Saturday, May 16, 2009


"You have bewitched me body and soul, and i love, i love, i love you"

look at his eyes, and listen to the music. u'll melt. arhhh cuteness

p/s : you can't expect a happy ending from prison break, can you? it's gotta be higher than that. r.i.p micheal scofield.

Lots of Love,

push me hard.

Every even number is the sum of two primes


10 = 5 + 5
22 = 17 + 5

not convincing enough?

42 = 31 + 11

try it yourself.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


reasons why i like my lecturers.. they are supportive, they make us feel like we're important to the world, and others not.. haha. sorry =p

i don't remember the original version, but it should be similar to this.

krishnan : class, let me tell you a story.

One day, a very competitive cowherd was so worried about the low amount of milk produced by his cows, so he hired a scientist to have a look at the cattle and find a solution to increase the production. The scientist immediately started his work. He began taking samples, injecting this and that, back and forth to his laboratory, experiments.. and lalala..

Then.. after almost a year, the scientist came back with a solution to increase the milk production by 3%. Being a kiasu cowman, he obviously was unhappy with the result. He wanted more than just 3.

He then hired an atomic engineer to solve his problem. The engineer had access to some very powerful machines in the world, with sophisticated laboratories and the so many complicated laws of physics to assist him. As expected, he too came back with one solution for the cowman. However, it only took 3 months for the engineer to come up with a brilliant idea, which can increase the milk production by 7%.

Ahh, again the man was dissapointed. He wanted more than that, and started hiring a mathematician to help him. The next day, the mathematician came to the cowherd's office saying he has found a way to increase milk production by 30%. yes, 30%. The man was so surprised, but overwhelmingly happy at the same time. He grabbed the mathematician's report, and started to open it.

The first line reads..

"Consider a spherical cow, ..."

ps : mantalaris says "God is a chemical engineer!" (i'll tell the story some other time)

Comic Freak

Yesterday, after business paper...

We walked and walked and walked..
passed the museums..
the underground stations..



anyway, the movie was brilliant!! 10 thumbs up if i have that many =D

I wonder what would my dad say if he watches this. Last year, when we watched x-men the last stand,

him : movie ni lain dari buku
all of us : ape yg lain?
him : jean grey didn't kill cyclops.. storm laalala... prof X lalala...

all of us : how do u know?
mama : papa ada bertimbun-timbun comi books dalam study room tu. korang je tak pernah tgk.

Yea, later we found out the books are all hidden behind one of the cabinet doors at the corner of the study room...

p/s : i also know the whole history of Mr Clark Kent! (thanks to my dad) go Superman!

p/ssss : mama, happy mothers' day!! sgt lambat.. but i wish her twice. hope that makes me special. (mothers' day in the uk fell on the 22nd of March this year, i wished my mum back then, i'm wishing her again now)

Love Love

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


them : hey, we're going to study at the park later..
me : which park?
them : (fashionably) hyde park.

that's the best thing about being in london, and studying at a school 2 minutes away from the famous park =)

The weather's really really great lately..

I'm loving it here. I love, i love.

Me, studying. Faiz n Seng, cam-whoring (they're good at it! )

p/s : i went to study at the park a couple of weeks ago. Went there alone, so i opted for a quite spot under a tree. 10 minutes passed, then came a couple who settled a few meters away from me. Soon, they started making out... mmg tak boleh study la kan... =P

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

To Do, n Not To Do

+Sighh+.. +long sighh+

ok, studying is what i should really be doing at this juncture of time. With the exams coming closer, and the piles of materials to be covered and the demotivating tutorials i've had lately. so.. Study, study, study. elders say student life is the best of time.. (and i doubt).

Well, at the moment, this is what i do. (been doing for the whole afternoon actually) :

Analysing British Airways' Accounts and Annual Report.

I stopped whining and complaining about a week ago when i realised my tears of blood won't get me anywhere. I just have to live with these accounts for a couple of days more, and it'll all be over. I'll pray hard.

Anyway, when i learned that business is a part of my first year degree, i was flabbergasted. It was one of those moments when you feel like u've just been struck by lightning at the same spot, not once, not twice but three times (i tak pernah) and nothing comes out from your mouth, because.. your voice box is damaged. lol.

"Business" are economics and accounting, two courses that i've been avoiding my whole life (though i did take AS econs, for the sake of completing Alevel with a .5 behind my 3 - oh and i found out awhile ago that Singaporeans took at least 7 Alevel subjects. sila pengsan). and o0o, to top it all, business worths 60 bloody marks of the while year, and, that is almost the same as chemistry course. I don't remember signing up for a 'Business Engineering'. Clearly in my application form was 'Chemical Engineering', which a naive person would of course say - it's all about chemistry. Then, what is chemistry doing at the same level as business?

The truth is, I do think chemistry should be less than 60, at least i wish it would. because, you have no idea how life-ruining the subject is. let's not speak about the eye-watering chemistry questions,yah?.. heee =)

Now, I think.. I'll go back to business. Literally.

p/s : my accounting lecturer wears Armani suits to school. How classy...

Pom pata pom,

Monday, May 11, 2009

Don't ask me why I like advertisements

Bonjour la livre?.. okay, back to normal, dear my beloved diary..

I've been thinking about this entry for quite some times now, but the idea somehow just stayed peacefully at the back of my mind, making no effort to come out as words...

(abandoning the blog was an option, but the luxury of freedom i forgo =P)

Today, as i was just getting the mood to study, the fire alarm went off and everyone went down to gather at Prince's Gardens, and that time, i wondered if i would ever get my mood back after standing in the cold for almost 10 minutes (dramatic sikit).. And u know the answer..

anyway, on the 1st of may (told ya!) an advertisement on Lite tabloid caught my eyes. Here's for yours:

Okay2, i can hear you. So?? Well, There's nothing wrong with the paper, surely. But, as i'm gonna tell you later, the advert wasn't made so big it costs huge amount of money for nothing.

Let's zoom in to read the words :

Vague? Here's the full detail.

Well, in short, TkMaxx wanted to open a new branch in picadilly, a posh area which belongs to the Queen, but they were rejected. And this is how they stood up for themselves, and the brand they have built for years.

I find it amazing. and inspirational.

p/s : TkMaxx High Street Ken is massive ok? Pegi laa.. Find urself a good bargain =)

ok Book's calling, Love