Thursday, June 30, 2011

What Next?

For some people, SPM was their longest exam period ever. But not for me!! I lived on Maggie and everything instant for about one and a half month and shed a few kilos off the tummy, with ten brain-eating-monsters (or papers) altogether. Crazy, I must say. And.. err, welcome to Imperial to whoever's thinking of coming here? It's been like this for three years, so I'm quite used to it already.

Anyway, soon after I finished exams, I went all out going to every event that was in the city, crashed everyone's house and just tried to visit every inch of London. But the highlight has got to be Britain's Got Talent's 2011 Finalist concert at Wembley Arena. If you know what I'm talking about, Ronan Parke is the bomb! Listening to him took me away to the moon. and Jai McDowall deserves the crown, definitely.

Btw, I didn't watch previous seasons, so I believe I'm not in the position to compare the current winner to the previous ones. You can watch Jai here though. I really love his version of My Immortal, better than the original singer (Evenescence right?).

After BGT, I was in Greece for five days. It was undeniably hot in the country, with temperature reaching 34C on the day we arrived. People were sweating like animals, so were we. Ha Ha. Mind you, we were in a low humidity region of the world, so the scorching summer sun was unbearable.

Does this look familiar to everyone?

(Mamma Mia baby!!!) Eheh.

I'll put up more pictures soon. Toodles and lots of love xx

p/s : I was part of the protest in Athens (albeit very briefly) and it was actually rather peaceful, unlike the nasty scenes shown by media. The Greeks are quite patient, I have to say.