Monday, July 11, 2011

Silverstone 2011

I was at Silverstone last weekend for the Formula One Grand Prix. I don't watch F1 but when anyone watches it, I'd just join in. So, some names are quite familiar and the terms are not total strangers to me either.

Anyway, It was not an ordinary trip (although it was my first F1 ever), but it was one of those days that I'd keep in my memory all my life. I was shortlisted for a one day - yes, just the qualifying day - experience to be among the spectators right above the pit, who receive free earplugs and flowing food. I see them on tele all the time, but last saturday, I was one of them!!

I love how the tag says "A guest of Mercedes GP Petronas", hehe. Makes me feel so important I wanna sleep with it.

Speaking of free flowing food, we were greeted with variety of food as soon as we arrived. I saw people having breakfast and networking at the same time. Me? I was busy stuffing my stomach with salmon and salmon and more salmon, my favourite. Oh, and cakes. I'm still growing, so you can't blame me for being hungry :)

Then we were taken to the pit. Yes, you heard it, THE PIT. It was about an hour before the race, we could see teams assembling the cars. 

Our national hero and Malaysia's F3 driver, Jazeman Jaafar was also there. Very nice kid indeed with big dream too. I tried to go close to Ferrari but it was so crowded. One man even whispered "you chose the wrong team love" when he saw my Mercedes tag. Haha.

The best part of the day had to be the viewing gallery, situated at the back of the each team's garage. It's got two rows of seat, with a clear screen overlooking the garage. You'll be given headphone where you can listen to the team conversation. Only a number of people were allowed to visit the viewing gallery and I was lucky!

And while I was down in the gallery, Nico Rosberg came in to change tyres. So cool !! Oh, photography was not allowed sadly.

So I went to the office this morning and told my colleagues about Silverstone. They all thought I went with the Ferrari team. I have totally forgotten about the company. And to be professional, I could only nod.. hehe :) At least Alonso won the race.

And lastly, who is this person on my left??

Lewis Hamilton is on my right.

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fadhli said...

Kool! How did u get the tickets in the first place?