Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Salut !!

Right, I'm not sure how many of you know that I've moved to Cheshire more than week ago for my internship but yep, I'm four hours away from London now!! 

This should explain why I've been so quiet after exam and Greece - so much of packing ups to do, moving out from the old house as contract expired, storing winter stuff in the warehouse and shipping some stuff back to Malaysia. 

Reminds me of balik kampung journey for raya, hehe.
And also saying goodbyes to all my favourite places in London (Basir's house for the karaoke, Harrods for its massive sale, Westfield for its cinema and all the Msian restaurants!!).

Although I think I've been here long enough to survive on pasta and pies, which has reached a plateau now, I still find nothing beats the richness and spiciness and deliciousness of fried kuey teow, nasi lemak and chicken satay.

Nyuumm!! :)

Anyway, moving up north means I need to adjust myself to the new suburban life, the north-west accent and the one-every-hour public transport.

Life here is, of course, very different from the one I'm so used to. I can now understand why some friends who study outside London cannot stand the city for more than two days. They get lost among the swift activities between Londoners catching the train and running into buildings.

There's none of those here! It's so peaceful and calm. You see mums with strollers chatting by the hedge in the evening, old men reading novels on rock chair, and housewives trying to figure out the lawnmower. Just like the relaxed ambiance of Wisteria Lane, sans dramas and back-stabbings. A typical English village, I must say.

Anyway, I'm now living with a lovely lady who is really chatty and she makes me feel at home instantly. Her house is far more comfortable than my previous flat and I'm so glad I'm here. She's been in the village all her life so you can imagine how much information I need to absorb about the new place in a day. She'd start taking out all the booklets, information leaflets and show me internet pages to answer my three-word question, "where is xxx?" (I have a personal tourist guide, at least hehe).

Well, my landlady may have all the bus timetables and guides printed out, but with no bus services on Sundays, they're no use!! I overlooked that fact and came back from London last sunday to no means of transport to go back home. No bus, no taxi, no tube - I ended up walking for 3 miles. So that's not a good experience and definitely something for me to learn about this place.

As for halal meat, I haven't found any shop that sells it yet. However, I've found one halal Indian restaurant 10 miles away.

I've been living on vege as there's not much seafood in the local store. Can you think of any Malaysian vegetarian dish? I only have nasi goreng cina in mind. Plus, I haven't met any Malaysian yet here, and I'm the only intern in the department. So yep, haven't had Msian food for quite awhile now.

*shouting out loud* I need kuey teow goreng!! ThankYouVeryMuch.


Laila said...

Did you eat the thai roasted chicken i packed you?

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